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  1. zerorace

    Small Compressor

    i have just got one of these http://gtair.co.uk/air-compressors/1-burisch-bt-390t-90-litre-3hp-belt-drive-air-compressor.html
  2. where does it come from then duck is it magic and just keeps refilling LoL
  3. car builder solutions page 263 for resistor and flasher
  4. is it just me then i park a long way from the store on my own come back and there i someone parked in my door handle both sides normally and clear spaces all around
  5. zerorace

    Mazda 2.3

    Hi All Has anyone tried the mazda 2.3 head on a 2.0 zetec block just curious as it has bigger valves or would it be more a kin to the duratec
  6. if you have it short put a heavy gear knob on it
  7. zerorace

    Brake Bias

    thanks for all the reply's will double check clearances on the clevis joints and go from there
  8. zerorace

    Brake Bias

    Thanks nigel no handbrake fitted so I think you have confurmed what I had thought larger rear master cylinder to start with and try again it is only just over braked on the rear will let you know when I get it out again about March or April Bedford Autodrome thanks again
  9. zerorace

    Brake Bias

    from memory 60mm granada cosworth front calipers and disk rear sierra front 60mm calipers and disk front master cylinder .625 rear master cylinder.75
  10. zerorace

    Brake Bias

    Thanks Do You Have The calculation please
  11. zerorace

    Brake Bias

    hi all just a quick one i have the bias bare all the way to one side to reduce the rear brake pressure but it still locks the rears to easy would the next size up master cylinder do the job do you think at the moment i have .625" on the front was.75" and .75" on the rear changing from the .75 to .625 made it better as when they were both the same size the rear bakes locked first.
  12. thanks lotuspaul have had a look around know and found some so bought two for my other classics. zero race
  13. hi lotusPaulwhen did you get it i cant see it on there web site. thanks
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