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  1. All, Have been offered a car from a dealer / trader who is selling on behalf of someone else (apparently a friend) he has all the relavnt paperwork e.g. V5,MOTs etc but obviously its in the other persons name (the friend) and not his, what checks can i make to ensure that I am not paying cash to someone that just happens to have the car and all paperwork? Ps the owner of the car is not contactable (apparently). Thanks in advance.
  2. R the indicators still up for grabs?

    1. Dean Roberts

      Dean Roberts

      tried to message U, but it's not working


  3. Could do with these going guys so £15 plus postage or very near offers please?
  4. Risking being ridiculed for asking but are the nuts a standard size, so if i did go down the scrappies is a "flat headed nut" going to be the same whatever? And yes I did ask "how big are your nuts" (just keeping in topic from previous posts)....
  5. Have again fallen foul of buying some alloys thinking that i can "just bolt them on" (that would be too simple) so has anyone got any flat headed wheel nuts so that I can fit some 1.9 GTI alloys and also some spigots rings for Ford Hubs? Thanks in advance.
  6. So your suspisions were correct when you came down to help me after all Dan (no consolation i suppose)!!
  7. Having now opted for something slightly smaller I now have the orginal indicators and relay surplus to requirement, neither indicators are marked and all bullet connectors are as they should be. £20 incl postage OR FREE* (see below T&C's) if someone can make me a bespoke exhaust bracket!!! * you just pay a couple of quid for postage PM me if you are interested in either deal please.
  8. Anyone any need for some now trousers? I have some brand new (tags still on) Bear Grylls trousers, apparently they also make good work trousers as well as "adventure" wear? Not so much unwanted present but more "doesn't fit" present (I must look bigger than I am) and cannot be bothered to ask for the receipt to exchange. £25 PM me if you are interested please.
  9. Still have these alloys for sale and am willing to soften on price to £180 as a Christmas present for someone? Also willing to help with delivery to certain areas. Offset is ET38 by the way.
  10. I've not fitted the silencer yet but having looked around at various alternatives i am well happy for the money that it cost, just need to decide on the fixing bracket and also the link pipe. Overall am I happy with the service / quality so far from MOTAD YES. Hope that helps.
  11. Sorry, meant to also state that the new silencer is a MOTAD system.
  12. Have decided to upgrade from the standard GBS model to something a little better (middle one in the below picture) however I'm a little nervy of the standard fitment through the side of the body to support the can. What have others used, pictures would be appreciated please.
  13. The good people at MOTAD exhausts in Walsall have kindly offered to build a link pipe between a new silencer and my exhaust manifold pipe but they are asking for the dimensions, what i can say is that the silencer is aprox 800mm overall length including spout and inlet cap (but not inlet pipe). Body length is aprox 660mm with a body diameter of 150mm. Any idea's where to start e.g. angle of bends, lenght of pipe etc? It is a pinto powered Zero if that makes a difference? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys, Seems my choice is either buy some "ballast resistors" as per iank (look forward to hearing back with specific details) or new unit as per the other replies. Thanks again.
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