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  1. Woops......sorry !!!! Ha ha, I knew you were going out on the Sunday, I thought it was a bit short notice for two day passes to be authorised.
  2. Some fantastic cars.............
  3. Evening all, I was at the Classic and Vintage Hillclimb at Harewood Hill last Saturday. I saw three hoods, two 2B's and a series 3 ? (monocoque chassis) parked together in the car park, only a couple of cars away from mine (blue and ally 2B). Anyone one here ? What a great day, some amazing cars including the famous 24 litre Napier Bentley. I couldn't choose a favourite. I'll post up some pics when I sort them out. Cheers Keith
  4. The north west web site has a good list on how to identify your car: http://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm Hope this helps, Cheers Keith
  5. I think the general consensus for the front is 2 degrees negative camber and, between straight and 1 degree toe in for the track. When Mick gets back from the pub, he'll be able to tell you the castor settings and explain it all in more detail, it's his specialist subject at the moment.....he he, thanks for you help Mick Cheers Keith
  6. When I recently changed my top ball joints my back felt like it went light, and after a lot of messing around I got the camber and track somewhere near, I took it to a local tyre place to get the tracking done (turns out I was miles out with my settings), it feels really planted now. I too have GAZ coil overs and have the dampers set quite low, 6 or 7 clicks from the softest setting I think. Hope you notice a difference when you get it set up. Cheers Keith
  7. Hi Brian, you ok ? I got them from here. Think I searched for transit top ball joint on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330553848302&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT It's taken me a while to get my setup somewhere normal again, but I think I'm getting there. Cheers Keith
  8. Hi Mick, How are you repairing ? Hope you're not over doing it ? I've not changed the castor at all. I didn't take the dummy strut out of the hub carrier, I just took the ball joint out of the taper in the top of the dummy strut. Cheers Keith
  9. Evening all, I've recently replaced the top ball joints on my front suspension. Having changed the first one, I took it for a run, and noticed at first what I thought was the back end that felt light above 40/50mph. I got home and checked the tyre pressures, all fine at 19psi. I noticed that the front wheel that I'd just changed the ball joint on looked to have more negative camber than before. When I replaced the ball joint, I marked the thread and transferred the mark onto the new part, so I thought it couldn't be too far out. Having adjusted them more than a few times (now both ball joints changed) I just can't get it right. It felt nicely planted before the change, but now I have changed the camber and track a few times I just can't seem to get it right. When turning a corner, the wheels almost turn themselves, but won't self centre very easily. I've had a search and recommendations are 2 degrees negative camber and straight to 1 degree toe in. My problem is that when I try to set this in the garage, I get the car on the drive and it all looks miles out again. Granted neither are really level, but the garage is far better than the drive. This is driving me mad now, when I think I've got it about right, I take it around the block and it doesn't feel any different, the front end is very light and once I've started to turn a corner it takes itself. Any help and advice is much appreciated, Cheers Keith
  10. Have a search for fan switches on car builder solutions, they have a few that vary in the temperatures that they switch on. http://www.cbsonline.co.uk/search,b.html?q=fan+switch I got one from here, but I can't remember which one it is. Here's how I wired it up too. http://nw.rhocar.org/fan%20wiring.htm Hope this helps, Keith
  11. Hi Luke, When I put my application forward I didn't hear anything for a short while, and when I rang they also told me that my application was with the technical dept. I asked if I could be put through to help them with any queries they may have. I spoke to one of their technical team, answered a few questions about my application and the application went through from there. It might be worth ringing and asking to speak to one of their technical team to see if there are any problems or questions you can assist with. Cheers Keith
  12. Morning all, Thanks for all of your help everyone, I've replaced the section of fuel pipe the filter was in. There's a lot of crap in the bottom of the filter that I couldn't see before. Car runs really well now, a virtual pint for you all. Thanks again, Keith
  13. Evening all, A couple of weeks ago, I had a problem with my car kangarooing, I initially thought I was really low on fuel as it happened on a right hand bend (pick up on right hand of tank). I pulled over and the engine stalled. It started again fine and didn't happen again, which was a good job really, I was on my way to AB Motors the next day. No problem driving to AB on the motorway, but they said I was losing fuel pressure around 5 thousand rpm. On the way back, lot of kangarooing on the motorway, engine not always stalling. It seemed to struggle to run steadily at 60mph and above. I had a spare, untested pump which I fitted, and on a run out the problem started happening again. This time at any speed and would only get me a couple of hundred yards and cut out. I fitted a new pump today, only to find I am getting the same problem, it won't run/accelerate around 60. When it kangaroo's there's a whirring noise when I try to accelerate, although nothing happens. It's 2 litre pinto with 38 DGAS and standard points dizzy. I took the carb apart tonight and checked the jets, none appeared to be blocked. There was a very small amount of dirt in the carb filter. Engine seems to rev and accelerate happily at lower speeds. Any other suggestions please ? Sorry it's a long post, it's been going on for a few weeks now, all along I thought it was the fuel pump. Thanks Keith
  14. Thanks for your suggestions everyone, I got some Autosol at the weekend and it looks like it's doing the trick, it'll probably need a couple of applications though. Well done Mick, that's quite a long way, take is steady fella.....
  15. It's something to protect the aluminium once I've got it shiny. http://www.frost.co.uk/item_detail.asp?productID=8775 Thanks Keith
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