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  1. Handlebars

    Car For Sale On Ebay

    I notice there's no highest bidder named. Just Bidder 17. So you can't even direct the prospective buyers to the threads here and locost sites. Coincidence? My JBA is registered 1988. The MOT says ist registered 1971. Is it worth trying to get free tax?
  2. Handlebars

    What Was No1 When You Were Born

    Where do you go to my lovely-Peter Sarstedt. Top tune. I knew that though from my NME music encyclopedia. (I'll get my coat!) Fiona's is Seasons in the Sun-Terry Jacks
  3. Handlebars

    Kit Car As A Commuting Car?

    I used my 3a as a daily driver in my old job. (Van driver now) Now we have a Jba, and my wife drives to work each day in it. (only car) Mechanics are a standard car after all. Just keep an eye on the monocoque chassis versions and it'll be fine. I found the roof and doors very waterproof in the 3a. (unexpected!) As is the car we have now. And you get admiring looks everyday.
  4. Handlebars

    Try This Out...

  5. Handlebars

    Optical Illusion

    That's a good one!
  6. Handlebars

    Heysham Show

    I don't think we have anything on, last year was gorgeous weather! A grand day out.
  7. Handlebars

    Top 5 Driving Songs

    Flock of Seagulls- I Ran (So far away) Strauss-Blue Danube Waltz The Cult-She Sells Sanctuary Golden Earring-Radar Love Iron Maiden-Two minutes to Midnight Flock of Seagulls! What a top haircut!
  8. Handlebars

    Scratch Removal

    Before I moved up here to Blackpool, I worked for 16 years in a mould polishing firm. Autosol is great if you use a buffing wheel. Something finer would be better suited for polishing by hand. Mirror finishing a roof mould for a Transit hi-cube. Tedious doesn't come close.
  9. Handlebars

    This Is Quite Funny

    I need a Pismo.
  10. Handlebars

    No More Hood.

    Well, that's it. Just delivered Fife to his new owner. :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: Fiona's 106 (Polly) is on her last legs, and with a baby on the way, we need a new car with space for a child seat. So Wednesday we should be picking up our new child friendly car... A JBA Falcon +2. I offered to get a people carrier, but she wanted a Falcon. What a great missus,
  11. Handlebars

    Another Police Post

    12.5 years, but no fine.
  12. Handlebars

    Chrome Seven

  13. Handlebars

    These Are Amazing

    Wow, amazing!
  14. Handlebars

    Thursday Funny

    You should stick that on ebay! See how many forums paste a link to it.