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    2b/4 but now sold, one day i will build again
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  1. DGAV


    Thanks everyone i will save up some more $$$ $ then have a look at one for the summer (Nov) I
  2. DGAV


    Due to the high cost of Kits in Austraila ,i am thinking of buying a MX5 is there anythink Good / Bad i should keep eye out for ? Cheers Duncan
  3. Well it's been a few years since I was on here , how is the club going ? It's been 5 1/2 years now since I sold my 2B and I still look at photo of it . and yes for you who can remember I've still got the video of my leaving night .thanks lads . Kits in Ozz are not cheap So I still don't have one , so I've taken to 4 x 4 Xmas time we were in the flinders rangers , great driving and good fun So who is still on here
  4. sorry mate carnt make it .But i will turn up one day .Nice to see the staffs area is still going strong put up some photos for me to look at DGAV Duncan
  5. Hi All Well the mag arrived in South Australia on the 22/02 Nice to see we got the Trophy again at Newark Off to see the Clipsal 500 V8 race in Adelaide on the 14 March Then over to Albert Park Melbourne 25-28 to see the Formula 1 cars Lets hope its as good as the La-Mans 24 All the best to you all, its good to see the Club is going strong Keep Warm Duncan
  6. DGAV

    Boys In Hoods

    Boys in hoods in ozz Thanks to all got mine on Thur 26th . i am still looking at the back page . does anyone no if any Zero 's have been exported to Ozz
  7. DGAV

    What A Shock I Got

    The Post man has made to to south Austraila thanks to all just need to take it to the dunnie to read
  8. Gday all good to see the meetings are still going strong can anyone get some photo , it would be good to see me old mates
  9. DGAV

    Membership Card

    the Weather next week is 31 to 37 all week that means more time on the Beach
  10. DGAV

    Membership Card

    Happy new year to you all Well i when to my PO Box to pick up the mail and there was the envelop from RHOCAR The club still has me down as a member N,Midds Staffs and S,Chershire which allways brings a smile to my face,any way the car sticker is Orange but Membership card carnt tell if its red or orange ,my be its the bright SUNSHINE making it hard to see What color is yours !!!!!!! DGAV
  11. DGAV

    Club Magazine

    The mag arrived in Ozz on tues 2/12 Thanks to all Duncan
  12. Found this on Ozz -clubbies site Would you by one ?? www.my105.com.au/classified.asp?id=9345 Hope the link works Duncan
  13. Hi Mate Well done and best Wishes to all of you Duncan
  14. I think you need a holiday to get over it mate get well soon mate Duncan
  15. Hi all i was there in 2006 ,the site is ok you can walk to the track ,the only prob is the showers !!!!!! so go to the camping shop and buy one of the showers solar ,fill it with water then let the sun get at it and you can get a good shower out of it ,there was about six of us getting a shower out of it,thanks to Brian and James . sorry its a bit to far to go for me ,mybe in 3or4 years time!! Duncan
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