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  1. elwe

    Tca Movement

    When we took our 2B/4 (the same as a sub k) to SVA one of the TCAs was moving backwards an alarming amount under braking. We changed the bushes and the washers but just made the other side worse. In the end we fitted poly bushes (from rally design) and they cured the problem straight away. Some people find the poly bushes wear quickly but ours have been in place for about 18,000 miles and they still seem as good as new.
  2. elwe

    Plasma Cutter

    I had a play with the plasma cutter today. It is incredibly easy to use and makes nice clean cuts fast. I played cutting up some 5mm scrap mild steel plate. My cutter has an HF starter so it is very easy to use. I used some fibre board (cheaper than plywood) as a template, without the template catching fire. The cut was 2.45mm away from the edge of the template so the template has to be made undersize. If you think about the RH stainless panels the plast coating 2mm away from the cut doesn't melt, the heat is very focused. I now know how I will cut the bonnet to make a fixed scuttle. If anyone want to buy one the guy I bought from sells 2 per day. It works fine with my £60 Aldi compressor. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=350017089541
  3. elwe

    Plasma Cutter

    I have just bought a new 40A plasma cutter for under £200, including shipping from Germany. I got fed up with the number of jigsaw blades I was going through cutting stainless and mild plate (2-3mm and 6mm respectively). Even using corse jigsaw blades and lots of soluble cutting oil a blade would last for 0.5m in 2mm stainless and about the same in 6mm mild. Aparently plywood makes a good jig. It is cheap but I am not sure quite how many times it can be reused.
  4. elwe

    Sorn Penalty

    Last year I was 2 months late re SORNing my 2nd doner because I didn't get a reminder. I didn't get a penalty notice, I remembered it was due. So I called the DVLA to redo it and they told me I hadn't recieved the reminder because I had declared SORN for 14 months! i.e. they lost the SORN the year before. So I read out the confirmation code on the slip from the Post Office. They then agreed to SORN the car from the day I rang and launched an 'investigation' to see how much they could fine me. 10 months later I haven't heard anything so I think they must have decided they got it wrong.
  5. elwe

    Le Mans

    Are you sure it isn't £40 for the year? I have it on the Hood and the Libra. I have also used it, it is very good. THey took the Hood back from just north of Bordeux to home and gave me a hire car for the remainder of the holiday which I handed in at Calais. I could have got them to pay for train tickets from Dover to home but I got a lift instead. I had a look at the policy when I needed to use it, it offers a lot. For instance if I had broken a limb the week before the trip they would have hired a chauffer to drive the car for me for the duration of the holiday. It might be worth trying Adrian Flux for breakdown cover only. It is a seperate policy to the insurance (the breakdown in underwritten by Equity Redstar, where as my Libra policy is underwritten by Trinity Lane). Trinity Lane now offer a 'normal' car policy through Adrian Flux, but at the cost of a classic/kit policy. It includes all the normal car policy benefits like no claims bonuses, protected no claims, like for like car while yours is repaired, seperate windscreen cover etc. Plus they pass all claims to Total Accident Management who are very good (as I am finding out first hand!).
  6. elwe

    Tow Bar Question

    A friend of mine thought he would avoid buying the towing electric pack for his Jag and spliced into the loom. One expensive electronic control module later he ended up buying the towing electric pack anyway. Aparently this control module was very sensitive to the loads placed on it and wouldn't support an extra set of bulbs. Some might say it was made like that to force you to buy the towing electric pack.
  7. elwe

    Seat Belt Top Mounts

    Tubes welded to the back of the chassis square beam should be fine. One of the examples in the SVA manual shows that welded on tubes are fine so long as they are long enough and welded on both sides, along their entire length.
  8. I expect you have an additional bolt through the subframe just behind the bush. This and the lack of rubber mount on the diff mean that the rear end is hard mounted. (the diff and big tube that is, the arms obviously aren't!) You can do away with the big mounts, drill some holes in the rubber mounts and then knock them out with a hammer (I used a sledge hammer, they exited eventually, at speed!). You can then weld a plate over the hole and put a bolt through it to the chassis.
  9. elwe

    Tow Bar Question

    I have never heard of any such rule, or seen non metallic tow bars for sale. And I have been to towsure recently. If you had a carbon fibre tow bar then it would still bend the chassis in an accident, just like a metal one. So long as it is strong enough to do the towing in the first place!
  10. elwe

    New Everyday Car

    My heart certainly got a good workout on the way to work this morning. I don't think I will be taking this Libra to Le Mans next year... Well I had a little spin. The backend stepped out and I over corrected spinning the other way. I ended up facing the wrong way on a section of cross hatching next to the central reservation on the A3290. I realised that I wasn't going to be able to turn round safely so I called the police to come and stop the traffic. I was also on a bridge so I had to wait in the car. After 5-10 minutes I heard sirens so I looked up, just in time to see a 4x4 coming right for me, sideways! I braced for impact, having time to think "this is going to hurt". The 4x4 hit and went straight up the bonnet, over the roof and ended up on its side behind me. It had spun at the same point I did and while it hit me nose in to the central reservation it spun another 180 as it went over my roof and landed facing the other way. 30 seconds after it hit the police turned up. Just in time to call the fire brigade to free the driver of the 4x4 from her vehicle and an ambulance to deal with the injurys. I took this photo from the fire engine: The paramedics took a look at me and decided I should go to hospital for an X-ray. 4 hours and 14 Xrays later the only part of me that isn't glowing is my left leg. All the X-rays were clear, except my right wrist which the doctors couldn't tell if it is broken or not. So I have it in a split for 10 days and then more X-rays. The car looks like a write off to me. The underside of the 4x4 gouged two cuts in the top of the monocoque which don't look repairable.
  11. elwe


    A second vote for Rally design here. Rally Design are the distributors for one of the big makes of polybush so they are cheaper than just about everywhere else. Quality bushes as well.
  12. elwe


    Go on, give in, embrace the dark side! I have. I read all my mail through pine at the command line and I have made many a post on RHOCAR using elinks, a text mode browser!
  13. Practise is key, the 4th time I did it it took less than a minute. Also cutting away excess floor and changing the huge sierra gearbox mount for a 20mm wide custom made one helps. Now putting the engine and gearbox in with the prop bolted to the diff and the only access into the tunnel through the tunnel top is a difficult job, you have to insert the prop into the gearbox as the engine and box goes in. I have done it three times now; once when I changed engine, once after I cracked the sump and once in Matt's car. Removing the sump in place isn't possible in a 2B/4 because the snow plough is replaced with a tube straight under the sump, just in front of the lowest section.
  14. See if you can have a look at the PPC article on building your own turbo manifold. It isn't that hard because flow isn't critical like with an inlet manifold because the gas is under pressure and the turbo is going to put a fair bit of back pressure in anyway.
  15. elwe

    New Everyday Car

    Last weekend I picked up my new everyday boring car: It weighs in at around 695kg and has a 1.8 litre K series VVC engine that has had the VVC replaced with some serious cams. It has direct to head throttle bodies and DTA engine management. That spec is good for just over 200bhp, though I have no idea how much it is chucking out. It doesn't have much below 4,000rpm due to the cams. Then it screams to 7,000 rpm so quickly the shift light comes on at 5,250 rpm to give you a chance to shift up before the rev limiter! I drove it to work every day this week and arrived with a heart rate of about 120bpm. Not bad for an everyday boring car!
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