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  1. Have you got a ford pinto engine? If so write to ford technical with your engine number and they will give you the year of manufacture. Really nice guys and reply quickly too. Hope that helps
  2. Yes he is...just completed getting my reg done with him....top guy too!
  3. danny88

    Arays Wheel.

    Thanks very much!! Yes let me know. My inbox is full at the moment and can't delete them when on my phone, but my email address is: dannyandlouise@hotmail.co.uk if you could send me some pictures please? Thanks again
  4. danny88

    Arays Wheel.

    Wish there was a set!! Lol
  5. No offence but I'm not laughing! They need to pull their finger out! This time of year is the quietest for them aswell....
  6. I know the weather hasn't been great at all. It's more of the fact that I can get my reg, slap it on the car and it's done...it's ready to go then, I won't have nothing to worry about, u can just jump in it and go! I am itching to drive it and we do get some alright days this time of year every now and again. If not I will just wrap up warm. What's the point in having something you can't enjoy....
  7. You know then as well as I do that your probably right!!
  8. So as per my post previously in this section, I just want to say DVLA are useless!!! After passing my SVA test and sending in my paperwork on the 2nd December I still have NOT been allocated a registration! This is getting pure ridiculous. I received a letter beginning of last week stating I needed proof that my chasis was new to et my age related plate (it took one month to get to this point). Not a problem at all, I got straight into contact with Ruth at GBS who was more than helpful and received a signed letter the next day. I forwarded this straight to the dvla and still nothing. I have rang up on numerous occasions to see what has been happening and it's the same everytime. I rang today and all I get from the department is they have no record...I tried to explain they must have as I received a letter from them last week regarding the proof the chasis was new, but it seems to go in one ear and straight out the other and they say they can't help me...It's quite simply not good enough!!!
  9. Thanks guys...to be honest I don't even mind the arrays. Never see any for sale though lol
  10. I have been looking at either black pro race 1.2, compomotive wheels, or speedlines. Been trying to find a decent set of used ones at a decent price. Hard to find though!
  11. Problem being I can't get the offset I need...et38 are my wheels at the moment....
  12. Hey guys, been looking for ages for some alloy wheels for my kit car. Currently I have a brand new set of rip speed 15" 4x108 et 38 alloy wheels but to be honest I'm not 100% keen on them. Has anyone got any recommendations? Want to keep the same size, just want to find something that little bit special and will finish my car off a treat.
  13. Would you be able to manufacture some front wishbones and fitting kits for a 2b at all? Cheers
  14. Thanks very much for all the info guys :-)
  15. Thanks Nigel that post was very informative. Thanks very much. I will give it a look
  16. danny88

    Dvla Frustration!

    Thanks Steve, I plan to! Let's hope it comes through soon then!!!
  17. Thanks. So the one on eBay would work spot on? And is it a good one? Thanks, Danny
  18. Will that not need some ECU? As obviously it doesn't have a vac advance? I don't understand then how it advances the timing? Then there are 3 wires? How do they wire up. To the low tension side of the coil and? Cheers
  19. Should I connect it or leave it disconnected?
  20. Thanks. On my current set up should I have the vac advance connected then?
  21. I've been looking at buying a electronic distrubutor to replace my current points distrubutor. Can anyone reccomend one at all? As mowerman has said he has one for sale? Surely with no vac on the side though it will not be able to advance the timing unless I have a ECU to program it. Secondly on my current set up with points and vaccum advance I don't have the vaccum connected as I was told it would run better with my twin 40 webers. But then thinking about it I am going to get no advance unless it is connected. I have a vaccum port blocked off on top of my inlet manifold. Would I be better to unblock this and connect it to the vac advance? Cheers
  22. danny88

    Dvla Frustration!

    Rubbish!! Just want to take it for a spin. It's just sitting there in the garage. So annoying!!
  23. danny88

    Dvla Frustration!

    Hey guys, just wanted to rant about dvla a little bit! My kit car passed it's test over 3weeks, nearly 4 weeks ago and all paper work required was sent immediately to be allocated my registration etc. Everything was done through Paul Jepson, who has been great, so I know everything has been done right first time with no problems. I know its been around Christmas time, but surely this time of year they can't be overly busy in the kit car registration department! Well I'm still waiting for my reg to come through and it's getting a bit ridiculous to say the least. Just annoys me with how much it all costs then the time period you have to wait for them to pull their fingers out... Fingers crossed there will be a few nice days I can drive it. Knowing my luck the day my registration comes will be the day we get the worst snow in 20 years lol.... Rant over.....
  24. I fitted one on my 2b. It is a OPB floor mounted one with dual brake cylinders and it was made to take a clutch cable, not a hydraulic clutch. Vey snug fit, but not difficult at the same time. Got a rs2000 clutch cable as they come with a eyelet fixing on the end. Drilled and put a bolt through the clutch pedal and put the bolt through the eyelet on the cable. Very easy and although an expensive route to take, very pleased with the results now....
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