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  1. danny88

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas guys. Hope you all have a lovely day!
  2. How much do you want for the sliding pillar parts? And if you don't sell the coilovers and brackets I will have them too but I realise ashman has first refusal. Cheers
  3. danny88

    Pinto Megajolt

    Hi guys, I currently have a rs2000 pinto engine with twin 40 weber carbs on my Robin hood 2b. I was just wandering if megajolt systems made much difference at all? Do they increase power output etc? I noticed their are several maps you can get? Can anyone reccomend Which one would be the best? I also run a smiths tacho? How would I wire a megajolt unit to support it? Would it be exactly the same as if it had a primary and secondary coil? Thanks, Danny
  4. danny88

    2B Any Takers

    Sounds like you would make more money breaking it and selling the parts. Good luck with the sale though.
  5. Thanks guys, all your replies and comments are much appreciated! :-D
  6. Thanks guys, very happy as I'm sure you can tell. Thanks, I have taken a photocopy for my record :-)
  7. A bit cold, not going to lie!! Lol. Thanks though, I plan to do exactly that
  8. Well I think the title says it all. Another robinhood 2b with sliding pillar suspension is on the road!! Yet another fantastic drive to and from the test centre, got a massive smile on my face and a test certificate in my hand! All the hard work and money spent has been well worth it!! Bring on spring and summer time!! Happy days. By the way, just want to say a BIG thanks to everyone who has helped me over the past few years with questions etc! Much appreciated and you are all TOP GUYS
  9. danny88

    Fuel Filler

    My fuel filler passed iva with no problems and that was Thursday last week. Mine wasnt tethered. This was my fuel filler cap if it helps: ebay item number 221587766582 put that number in your ebay search and it will come up. Danny
  10. danny88

    Iva Norwich

    Thanks again everyone for the comments, much appreciated! Retest is booked for Monday 1st December as Dennis is odd next week...I definitely agree though, Dennis was a top bloke and was happy to explain everything as he was testing. He was more than fair and gave me ample time to make slight adjustments during the test. I also agree with the comment about 'it's like taking exams all over again'... I was very nervous last night indeed, barely caught a wink. But just goes to show I was worrying about nothing at all. I'm more than happy with the result today!!!! Very easy fixes which are all done already. So all that's left to do is give it another clean and that's it. Can't wait to drive it again on a week Monday, even if it is only to the test centre! I've driven many cars im being a mechanic in the motor trade, Aston martins, audis etc but nothing gave me a buzz like today. Perhaps it down to the feeling of self achievement
  11. danny88

    Iva Norwich

    Thanks everyone. Just got to wait for my retest date now. Hopefully it won't be chucking it down! All fixes are done now so just got to wait for the date!! Happy days... Honestly John it's really not that bad at all. I was dreading it but really enjoyed the experience. And from the pictures I have seen of the quality of your build you should have no problems at all. Can I just say your dash looks amazing!
  12. danny88

    Iva Norwich

    What a day!! Really did enjoy the whole experience. Most annoying thing was when I went to drive my car this morning to the test station the speedo didn't work, so obviously that was a automatic failure before I even started, reckon it's a problem with the cable probably having too much of a tight bend... Without any decent time to really rectify this and knowing the car would fail off I drove...had dome serious fun in the car on the way there. The test station is only 10 minutes down the road, but what an enjoyable ten minutes...I arrived at the test station early and I was very nervous, but Dennis the tester at Norwich was spot on all the way through. Dennis picked up on just 2 other very minor items I need to rectify before the retest...the front indicators needed moving up a inch and my chasis plate requires welding all the way round and not just both ends. That's it, passed emissions and the decibel test which I was worried about. Brake bias was all set up correctly and everything else went smoothly. Even though it's a fail, these items are so minor and I'm really pleased. Will hopefully only take a hour to sort, so have rebooked my retest for 1st December...:-) happy days!!
  13. danny88

    Iva Norwich

    Thanks John! Best of luck with your build and I wil let you know how I get on....sometimes you just have to bite the bullet I guess as for the last six months I have been going round in circles trying to spot 'IVA FAILS'...guess you'll never really know unless you give it a go...
  14. danny88

    Iva Norwich

    Iva test tomorrow morning at the Norwich test centre....getting a bit nervous now!!! 3 and a half years of hard work and plenty of money spent...guess all I can say is wish me luck lol
  15. Hey guys, another post about brake bias, Thanks for all the replies on my last post, very helpful! Just wandered if anyone could tell me or send me some pictures regarding their set up of the bias bar? What are the figures/ percentage for front, rear braking? If anyones got a picture of their bar set up that passed iva that would be much appreciated so I could set mine up too? I can't get the car to a MOT test station before the test. At the minute my bias bar is pretty much set in the middle. I have drums on the rear and sierra callipers on the front. Does the front need more braking force or the rear? Thanks, Danny
  16. Hey guys, My IVA test is booked for next week. I have a quick question. Just trying to sort out little things before the test. I have a OPB floor mounted pedal box in my 2b. It has an adjustable bias bar on the brakes with twin brake cylinders. One cylinder for front and one for the rear. I have set the bias bar in the middle. It has a nilock nut on each end. For iva purposes, does the bar need to be welded into place and how would I do this?Will just the two locknuts be suffice or is there anything else I can do? Thanks, Danny
  17. Hi bob, I never new this at all. If I have no luck with getting a new sliding pillar then I guess I will have to give it a go as I have no other option with Sva being so close. Something always happens last minute doesn't it? Typical! Cheers though Danny
  18. Hello guys, got a bit of a problem. Replaced the bush at the bottom of my sliding pillar suspension. All went ok untill tightening up the top nut and sheered off the top :-( my cars due for Sva within the next month. Don't suppose anyone has any spare/ old sliding pillar suspension parts laying around after a conversion? Please, any help would be great. Thanks, Danny
  19. Hey guys, can anyone point me in the right direction of getting some assorted nut covers for iva and what they used? I ordered some from eBay, a multipack but they don't really fit very well Thanks, Danny
  20. Do you know a good place to buy one? Or could you reccomend one to buy? Cheers
  21. Hey guys, for Sva have you got to have a fuel inertia switch? I'm running a rs2000 pinto with weber carbs and a Facet fuel pump. If I needed one, how would I wire it in? Cheers Danny
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