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  1. I have a mk1 steering wheel and center cover you are welcome to if it will fit.
  2. As someone who commutes across central London by bike everyday I would say it's probably 50/50. I know it is hard to see a bike coming, so I slow right down so I can stop! I am constantly surprised by the speed bikers pass stationary traffic! I'm sure he'll hurt in the morning and may think twice about overtaking at speed.
  3. Drewsus

    Pinto Sump

    Hi Rob, Yes it will as that's what it came off. It's all yours. Pm me your address and I'll let you know. Drew
  4. Drewsus

    Pinto Sump

    Has scratches on bottom but no holes. Good Base for a shortened sump. Free to a good home (or a bad one!) Happy to post at cost or use a hood courier. Just let me know if anyone wants it or it goes down the tip next weekend. Drew
  5. Drewsus

    Mazda Mx5

    There is the old roof that came with it. Has slight cracking near the lower edges. It's a 1.6 standard UK car so no lsd sadly. Has done 120k
  6. Drewsus

    Mazda Mx5

    Good donor car. Cam belt and water pump done earlier this year. Bought as a project but previous bad rust repair means this is not viable. I want the good roof for another mx5 but otherwise complete. No rips in seats and mechanicaly excellent. Looking for £600 (I paid £750 three weeks ago) Drew
  7. Drewsus

    Surrey Roof

    Hi Redtrev, sorry someone else pm'd me before you. I was going to send details tonight, but they decided they wanted it. Drew
  8. I was recently told be a very nice traffic cop , that although the cars are much better now.the road surfaces are not. And that 102 in a 50 is pushing it a bit! (5m am on a Sunday morning on a very long straight 3lane stretch of the A2) He then gave me 3points and I am still very grateful and have definitely learnt my lesson this time! Although I wonder if when I was caught doing 36 in a 30 in North Wales, if I had been offered a course would I have saved myself another 3points?
  9. Thanks. Now have an alternator and a roll bar. I have contacted roadrunner. They say they have roofs. Just waiting for a call back. Thanks everyone for your replies. Drew
  10. Drewsus

    Surrey Roof

    Sold subject to payment.
  11. Drewsus

    Surrey Roof

    I have a surrey roof and quarter doors I no longer need. Has never been used. Just needs a bit of awning rail along the top of your windscreen. Looking for £50 posted. Drew
  12. I need a few parts for my recently acquired mx5 project. Does anyone have a half decent soft top? A front anti roll bar? And I know that you probably need the next part for your build but a alternator would be handy. Thanks Drew
  13. Thanks. I'm the same to much time at work and other things to do at home. Been thinking about it all night and I might have to make an effort to finish it!
  14. Anyone interested. Sold on ebay for 1180. As soon as it ended got an email saying "not that I don't want it but...." Had 113 people watching it. Make me a reasonable offer I have a garage to pay for so I can start again.
  15. I remember it well. So much potential and beaten on "style" points by an xr2!
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