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    Robin Hood series 3a now with Vulcan big valve head, FR32 cam and bike carbs and tie bar conversion
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  1. svsdino

    Rich Carbs Advice

    Do bike carbs have idle mixture screws? If so, which way do you turn them to lean them off, in or out? Thanks for the reply!
  2. svsdino

    Rich Carbs Advice

    Hi All,I have a 2.0 Pinto with zx6 bike carbs that have been set up on a rolling road. The mixture at full revs is perfect but at "bimbling " speeds ie 40 - 45 mph ish under 2000 revs it does start to coke up after a while and requires a bootfull of throttle to clear it. Are there separate idle jets in these carbs or am I stuck with this? The car is running a Vulcan big valve head and a Kent FR32 cam. The guy at the rolling road said to try 1step up hotter spark plugs, what does anyone think of this? Thanks for your advice!
  3. Just a thought, have you set the fuel pump to 2.5/3 psi? Bike carbs won't put up with standard pressure. The TPS plug socket is only used on ecu powered ignition systems.
  4. Yellow..............? Sorry posted this before I saw the pics! Good choice
  5. svsdino

    Wheel Carrier 2B

    I cut mine off my series 3, looks much nicer without it.
  6. svsdino

    Dyno Results

    I must be honest, I thought by fitting a Vulcan head i'd have raised the comp. ratio? I'm not taking it to pieces just to find out though.
  7. svsdino

    Dyno Results

    I haven't checked compression figures yet, if ever stops raining i'll do that!!
  8. svsdino

    Dyno Results

    To be fair, no they didn't check the carbs were balanced nor that the idle mixture was set, they had a probe up the exhaust measuring AFR though. He did say that I should remove the plugs and check to see if there was any mixture issue on a particular cylinder and if there was to come back. I feel now that I probably should have pressed them a little harder to diagnose a bit more, it was just that he seemd happy that the set up i've got was doing what he thought it should. I have got a Quafe vernier pulley, it probably isn't the easiest to adjust so i'll see what difference i can make to it.
  9. svsdino

    Dyno Results

    I'll have a go at setting it up myself I think, I know he's set the rocker gaps to 0.25 across them all instead of .3 for the exhaust so while i'm at it i'll check the cam. They were reluctant to do it at Read Performance because they say they don't want to appoximate it, they will only dial them in with gauges etc and it takes time. I'm not really looking for that level of setting just a good tractable car.
  10. svsdino

    Dyno Results

    A friend of mine fitted the cam, he had never fitted a vernier pulley before nor a fast cam so it may be out. What put me off was the estimated cost of Read performance dialling it in, they said it could take hours!
  11. svsdino

    Dyno Results

    Hi All What a day to have to go to your rolling road appointment, somethings I've noticed apart from never wanting to drive in the rain again, now I've changed from clamshell wings to cycle wings is they chuck crap everywhere! the doors wouldn't stay fastened, i never knew you had to have someone button you up as you can't do it from inside and my bloody windscreen wiper arm broke as it fouled the roof popper!! Anyway, I have rebuilt my top end over the winter and i'm quite pleased with the results although they don't seem to match other peoples results. I'm running a 2.0 pinto with Vulcan big valve head, ZX6 bike carbs and FR32 cam with the RH 4 branch manifold. She acheived 97bhp at the wheels on arrival, when Mark checked the ignition timing it was out so he retimed it and got her up to 119 at the wheels and 144 at the flywheel. The afr results were 12.5 to 13.5 across the rev range of 2250-5000 but dropping to 11.5 at 1000-2000 revs. This is leading to rich running at "bimbling" speeds ie 35-45 4th gear, backed up by choking up, backfiring on the overrun and needing a good rev to clear it. My question is does anyone else suffer poor running at low revs? I can live with it but living around the New Forest with blanket speed limits of 40mph does mean that i'm slap bang in choking up territory. I went to Read Performance in New Milton, great lads, can't recommend enough really, Mark was very clear in explanation and set it up for road rather than 5500rpm track use. Very pleased.
  12. Andre I spoke to one of the guys at Kitspares, told him what suspension I run, series3a, similar to yours I think and they posted them out. I never did see a picture of them. Hope this helps?
  13. I got the plans off Mowerman on here, I paid £80 to have the bits fabricated but to be fair if you could shop around local engineering shops you'd probably get it done for less. Then get the rosé ends off Ebay and jobs a good 'un! The plans are easy to follow and they fit a treat. Just got to sort out the steering problem which is only at the very end of the travel, I was amazed at the steering lock anyway! I have heard other lads say the Burton ones were tricky to make fit and these work out much cheaper. Good luck
  14. Hi All, I've successfully fitted tie bars to mine but now have fouling on them with full lock. Seem to remember a comment by someone you could limit the lock, how do you do that please?
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