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  1. So will I The mev still needs shake down runs so...
  2. Hi Harry last Wednesday of the month owners meet up at the Church mouse in Chester le street. am sure knaggsy (red 7) will eb along soon he s the rea secretary who can advise of any other planned outings... Andrew
  3. As title really Does the speedo need to be working for an mot? Have some issues with the mev nd need to get mot for murt. But have not connected the speedo yet
  4. Hello mate! Would have loved to but this show is unlucky for me... Nd still need to sort fan belt on me!
  5. BE careful in issuing your own VIN DVLA are being difficult on this and I had issues in registering my MEV, I created my VIN based upon instruction from DVLA instruction, when I went to register it, this would only accept the VIN if the Manufacturer gave it to me r the issued it.. I argued and argued and at one point it looked like I would have to do the IVA again. Im not saying don't create your own as I have on all of my kits to date, as DVLA change their minds daily but be aware
  6. Good luck Ian I was talking to Knagsy at the weekend and asked if you had a date confired enjoy the test, I found mine intriguing ;-)
  7. Congratulations to you both!
  8. Forgot to say 14000 miles and was factory built
  9. Hi everyone My mate is looking to sell his 1994 marlin roadster It has a Dohc engine and has just breezed it's not today! And will have 6month tax He is looking for offers around £5500 having spoken to the marlin owners club... Will post pics shortly
  10. Count me in lee Murtaya or mev I will be there this year
  11. Good write up Chris! Dont think it gives you credit for the amount of work you put in to make ti that good though!
  12. I am sure GBS will supply It is just another bunch of muppets working at Dvla and the computer says no! At least before this so called progress occurred you could talk face to face with the local office This is crazy I would ask gbs if the can provide! I for one would expect the manufacturers to begin to issue the main invoices stating that the chassis is new when it is bought for the sake of adding one word to the receipt, this certainly is becoming a criteria on all forums at the moment
  13. Reg docs came today! Seems to be an error as it states emissions is only visable check in the future ;-) so I guess time to get the cat removed! Just in time for the rain!
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