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  1. Jaffer

    Copper Tube

    Yes takes ages... it comes down yer by 'lectrickery to Plymouth, but after that all the interwebbery gets delivered by donkey!! Copper hardens with age or with being 'worked'... age hardening would be adequate for my 2B build, but assuming you need things to move along a little quicker than Cousin Jack pace, you could try bead or grit blasting the finished assembly. Obviously, this will effect the finish, but I understand that this is used to help work harden copper... Just a thought Jaff.
  2. Jaffer

    Copper Tube

    A bit late now to respond I guess, but I would have thought copper items on a car would be better for being annealled, rather than too hard which may tend to form stress cracks.... most plumbing copper these days is know as 'half hard' anyway.... I believe because its more of a copper based alloy rather than the proper copper pipe you used to get. It certainly doesn't spring bend as well as the old stuff! Jaff
  3. ... some of the lads I work with used to call me Gaffer, cuz I was their boss. Then I had a certain operation which they reckoned rendered me.. er... 'seedless' so I then became 'Jaffer' [as in Jaffa - the brand of seedless Oranges] Well you asked!
  4. "I had used a cable tie around the top of my (Cortina) accelerator pedal to stop the cable popping off. That was held to be "not of a durable lasting material" and needs to be replaced with a jubilee clip or similar. " ... that's an interesting one... Cable tie being made of Nylon and the moulded ends on many throttle cables would be??? Some cars have plastic inlet manifolds which are moulded from a version of... well you get the picture. Jaff
  5. Jaffer

    Oh No!

    ... would it be worth contacting Paul Jepson to see if he will look into the issue Mogzee??? There's a fair chance that he knows the system better than the DVLA themselves, [i think he used to work for them as a kit car registration specialist.... something they appear to lack now perhaps?? ] His details are on here somewhere.... in the SVA section I think... Just a thought Jaff.
  6. Jaffer

    Cheap Brake Cleaner

    The cleaning solvent we use, which is marketed as brake cleaner, is 'Low Boiling Point Naptha'. Works quite well, but no where near as good as Tric 1.1.1 used to be. As a result we end up having to use 2-3 times as much and have to blow parts dry with the airline to speed up the evaporation... [it does evaporate, but we can't stand around waiting for that to happen!!] G.
  7. Well Done Paul!! It's a great encouragement to those of us who are also on a 'steady' build pace!! Grah.
  8. Jaffer

    Relay Supply Wire

    I have the table cloth which sort of shows where most of it connects thanks Griz, but I was really after a proper circuit diagram for the loom. No worries though... thanks!
  9. Jaffer

    Relay Supply Wire

    Thanks Griz.... I was ok with wiring the relay etc... the query was where to pull the supply from on the VG loom. There are several brown wires, but without being able to easily establish where they come from or go to I was unsure where to connect in. Like I said I've added another heavy wire into the loom so no worries! Thanks for your help! Jaff.
  10. Jaffer

    Relay Supply Wire

    Thanks Grizz. I've taken a supply direct from the starter and will fuse it locally similar to your diagram. I just wondered if there was a suitable place to pull a supply from the loom, [ie with adequate current capacity], but I guess without a circuit diagram of the loom this has not been established!
  11. So I have a bit of time to spend on the car after a very long time!!! I want to fit a relay for the horn.... where can I take the supply from? I have the VG 'map' as supplied, but a proper circuit diagram would have been more useful, does such a thing exist for the VG loom??? [i've done a quick search, but not found anything... ] Thanks for your help!! Grah.
  12. Jaffer

    Disco Engine Trouble

    .... any news Si? I'm no expert, but did have a 300Tdi for a while. Sounds a bit 'cambelt slip' to me, the cambelt seems to be the weak part of the engine. If I remember correctly, the 300Tdi engine had a couple of recalls to fit a modified cam idler pulley and then later, a second additional idler. It might be worth checking that this was done. We did have a close shave with ours, the cambelt was shredded and half its original width 10-12k miles before it was due a change....
  13. Jaffer

    Head And Ass

    Hi Steve... I thought your first sentence was quite polite and I suspect they would get the message!! ... The only alternatives I could think off are best not written on a public forum.... good luck with that! I'm sure someone learned will come up with something..... Jaff
  14. ... Don't sit on the fence Tom... tell us what you really think ! I have to admit I did do a fair bit of work on the flanges etc to remove the big chunks and edges in the way...
  15. Jaffer

    Side Repeaters

    Once again, thanks for the replies.... Looks like they'll be ok then, sharp edges seem to have been a problem rather than 'E marking'. ... time to smack a hole in the side then Thanks again Jaff.
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