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  1. bling bling westfield at that price Resale m probaly be better
  2. probaly different oil But it is possible high oil pressure can fail oil seal earlier due to the pressure forcing the seal lip to run on its surface harder thus increasing the temp of the seal lip. to lower it,the value cap must be backed off( washer under cap to make valve bore longer ) If the value is stuck it would probaly struggle to raise pressure on start up from make experience in devloping them
  3. if you would like i can send you my mates number i beleive he still does chroming work in Medway Kent though
  4. stuartturbo

    Xr4i Donor

    Will an Sierra XR4i be ok as a donor not the engine. Can i asume the diff can take more power than a standard sierra.ie will suspension brakes and al the over bits be ok FOR a 2B
  5. stuartturbo

    Q Reg

    What are the implications of getting a Q Plate put on my car when I get to that Stage. This is because I intend to put 2.0 16v vauxhall engine in a 2b. Not worried about age related plate.
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