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  1. just like to say thank you to all the club members who help me out on the Smallways weekend. still had a great time at the pub afterwards and the run was great with some spectactular scenary well done to the organisers

  2. just finished making some badges that will fit into the triangle space inside the windscreen brackets

    1. John Ellis

      John Ellis

      photos of these badges can be found on facebook rhocar community and rhocar kit car club


  3. great night out with friends at Dalesway well done Lee really enjoyed ourselves
  4. just been cleaning my 32/36 weber carb and i noticed the pump jet as only one side drilled through is this right? or should both sides be drilled

  5. hi Lee if i get the car sorted out we will be joining you being oldies we will be staying in the motel regards john
  6. will it be 3.75 lts for the 1600cc pinto as well
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