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  1. Stick a post on pistonheads, there will be someone on there that will know, at that age maybe the SD 1 forum or the older tvrs
  2. Alright all, As the title says, Dalemain car show, 20th August, great show, great location and it doesn't matter which direction you come from all approach roads are a good drive, hope to see some of you there, I'll be on the TVR stand. Cheers Mark
  3. I had the bonnet of my Westfield done in carbon wrap, it certainly looked the part, make sure you use the good stuff
  4. Alright Lee, I'm going to try and get across, got an air lock problem at the moment in the water system, what an absolute pain in the axxe these things are and the fans have stopped cutting in, how do you know if its bled right or not. Anyways all being well I'll get across Cheers Mark
  5. It's like the one I had with the inboard coil overs it was an S7
  6. It's already got plug extenders on, its because the manifold goes forward horizontally along the line of the plugs and there's two metal water pipes just above them combined with the angle of the plugs means there's no room to use the ratchet, if you put the extension bar on you can't get in for the inner wing and that's just on one side, the other sides got even more junk in the road Cheers Mark
  7. Cheers for that, he's going to check the wear on the current cam that's fitted and I'll take it from there
  8. So much for that idea, can hardly get the plug leads off, no chance of getting the plugs out, I'd have to take the exhaust manifold off to get in its that tight
  9. Alright all, Saw my local rover specialists today, says it will be the head gasket, the tvr engines are heavily modified and he's never known a liner leak, to confirm this he's told me to take the plugs out and look at the piston tops, he said 7 will be black and one will be bright and shiny and washed clean so it's off to the shed I go to have a look By the way somebody have the firing order for a Rover V8 handy in case I mix the plug leads up Cheers Mark
  10. Alright all, The engine is going to be in bits sorting the water leak so I was thinking about upgrading the cam, is there any benefit in this? Can I gain a few extra bhp? Would it be a straight swap or would other work be required. Cheers Mark
  11. I wish I'd never read your post, now I'm depressed, how come nothing's cheap with these things
  12. Cheers Tim, I'll give it a go
  13. Go V8 with Tremec gearbox, loads of torque and good ratios in the gearbox, should be within budget as well, might need to upgrade the dif though but the Westfield seights seem to work well I ran a Westfield seiw before the TVR, it had a 2litre zetec silver top with jenveys, made 170 Bhp with the mt 75 gearbox, good manageable power that didn't try to throw you off the road
  14. There is no radiator cap, there's an aluminium tank with a screw on cap, inside the cap there's a small toggle that must be the pressure release valve but it doesn't blow out of there. At what age did they start using the top hat liners? Cheers Mark
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