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  1. I've just found one , its quite old , It dropped out of a box of bits that came with my heap ( the car I bought ) . PM me address etc and you can have it . I wont use it as its on its own Regards john
  2. does the wiper motor have linkages ?
  3. Hi . I will take the lot , just cant get down to Birmingham ,I will look into arranging a courior if thats ok with you . ? Regards john
  4. Mark . Thanks thats cheap as chips so will defo have it , thanks . just goto arrange to collect , ( do you have owt else I may need ) , looking for some seats and poss wheels ( there is some on ebay that look ok that I may try to get ) , clocks / dash needed as well etc . ta john
  5. Hi . Mark , I defo could do with the new rear panel , I'm in skipton , Put my name on it ( how much do ya want ) , and I will arrange collection Ta john
  6. wow , thanks for the replys , didn't expect a *bleep*ing for ticking the wrong box !! But thanks for the ' friendly' advice , lol , I will take a look at gbs and into making my own as i do have decent templates . A special thanks to " whiz " , if i dare to post again I will do my best to put it in the correct section. Regards john
  7. Hi all . I have a fairly battered 2b which i'm slowly trying to make into a car , anyway , I would like to replace the side panels , poss the rear panel , not to fussed about stainless as i can get them painted but anyone got owt on offer or where do i get them new ? thanks john
  8. airevalley

    Vin Plate

    Slightly different subject . What is the big deal about getting an age related plate ? Everyone knows that all kit cars are based very loosly around a spercific model but in reality they arnt they same . What are the benifits or is it just snobbery of the owner not wanting a "q" reg . I genuinley dont understand, as it makes no difference to the performance of the car and bears no credit to the time the owner/ builder has put in . or am I missing something obvious in which case I feel silly ! ta jh
  9. wow , Simple as that .... I thought it was to good to be true esp as there cheaper as well . Ok .... Next question ...... Which type are best , and /or any particular brand better than others , there seem to be plenty about , Priced from £99 - £400 thanks .
  10. Hi All . Nebie here on first build . Slowly building a 2b , It has a 2.0 pinto with a re-jetted webber . I'm allready looking at bigger and better fueling . I am a bit old school and was going to go for a pair of 45 webbers or dellorto's but it seems to be quite popular to run a set of bike carbs? I'm happy to try bike carbs if they deliver the right amount of horses and looking at fleabay they appear to be far better value than the equivilant old style carbs . I would appreciate anyone's opinion / disscusion ? thanks john
  11. Do you still have the carbs for sale ?.. Are they complete i.e with manifolds , linkages etc just to bolt on ? I may be interested , thanks john
  12. Thanks for that , It was the rear arches that I thought may be a better fit rather than the ones i'm gonna make soon , lol . and I was going to paint them red after building so i thought it could save a job . I will be in need of the O/S side panel in stainless if anyone has one for sale ( poss both ) , ( I'm up in lancashire ). May just end up buying new ones . ta jh
  13. ok , thanks anyway . ( I'll ring him tomorrow )
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