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  1. Thanks to whoever deleted the post reference GBS Owners Club! As a paid up member posting a perfectly harmless pointer for fellow Zero Owners I am disappointed but not surprised, many here reference other forums such as Locost, SKCC, East Mids Kit Car club etc! Why are highly critical and potentially defamative posts against businesses NOT moderated which could have implications far wider reaching, yet this removed!!???
  2. Be carefull on Ebay!! I work for the company that makes Aerocatches and we see many counterfeits on Ebay!!!! Thanks for the recommendation Terry.
  3. Why not fit Aerocatches www.aerocatch.com and they are IVA Compliant, kitspares have them
  4. I have the standard master cylinder with three outlets, two go the fron and one to rears via T connector brake light switch. I have the standard rear vented discs and calipers (XR4X4 I think) and the fronts are the 260mm Diameter vented discs and calipers, standard pads all round. Loads of stopping power, no IVA problems, no balance bar, simples!! The car has now done 14 trackdays and 10500 miles in under two years and I have never had cause to worry about braking performance. John
  5. Planning to do Blyton on the same day at present, looking at the price though Cadwell does look tempting, will see if there is bonus in pay packet this month first.
  6. Lowlife


    382 for reverse, fog,indicatord and 380 for stop / tail
  7. Good luck!!! My company sponsors the team and have supplied technical support as well, look forward to a full report.
  8. Yep I used them up to point I was ready to fit engine and box, then three of us lifter the car down onto axle stands.
  9. Check your car insurance, pretty sure that should include some level of public liability insurance?
  10. One pipe is the overflow and is some way up the tank, the other is all the way to the bottom of the tank and should be the feed from the water rail, if you have them the wrong way round all the fluid which overflows will be evacuated form the tank. The system should find its own level!! I would check this first. Otherwise any signs of leaks etc??? Might be an idea to put up your location? Cheers John
  11. Congrats and hats off to all now involved in moving the club forward in a very positive direction. One point I would add though, it is all well and good organising, posting member benefits in the members section, but how will potential members know of them?? For example a guy just starting a build might be hugely interested in the discounts and thus join the club to take advantage, if he knew it was there. Perhaps something advertising what benefits there are to joining now ??
  12. Going way back before IVA / SVA to register a kit car all you had to do was build a car from a donor vehicle, change the relevant ifo on the V5 (engine number, colour, no. of doors etc), get the car MOT'd, present car at local DVLA office to have it inspected (this took 5 minutes to check engine number and chassis number matches) and that was it! For example my very first kit was a T & J Hornet but on the V5 it was registered as a Ford Cortina Estate 2 door convertible. All legal AT THE TIME, when the SVA rules were introduced there was a bit of an amnesty at perviously registered cars could have the V5 updated, not everyone did so, or built a second kit from the first so you then get a V5 stating a 2B being a dutton for example.
  13. http://www.kitspares.co.uk/shop/item.php?cat=6&product=4764&catsub=0
  14. Does the rattle disappear when the clutch is depressed ??? Probably the release bearing off center and worn
  15. Did you enjoy the ride in my passenger seat on Saturday???? Sorry didn't get you out on Sunday, wanted to though John
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