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  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for the offers of help much appreciated. I've resorted to ebay found some used ones that should fit the bill
  2. Doh ! Thanks Dan. I knew it was a numpty thing to ask but believe it or not I've never changed an alloy wheel - it didn't strike me they would use a different nut Just had a quick look on ebay for alloy wheel nuts and there seams to be a few different types of ends 60 degree taper, radius seat and flat seat. Does anyone know what seats for use and what size and thread pitch I should be looking for ? I've had a look in the haynes and no info in there. Thanks again Phil
  3. Hi Guys, Apologies up front if this is a bit of a numpty question I got some alloys to replace the steel wheels from my sierra sapphire doner see picture below. The only thing is the nuts aren't wide enough to hold the wheel on and when mounted over the studs before fastening the wheels move around alot unlike the nice tight fit you get with the steel wheels. Am I missing something ? do I need wider studs and nuts ? How do you replace studs ? If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Phil
  4. From RHOCAR forum: This panel doesn't fit where is my grinder
  5. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a place where I can buy side screens (the little door type things) from ? or failing that recommend a place where I can buy the bits and make my own ? Thanks in advance Phil
  6. I thought Vacinc posted some good stuff today - one mans junk and all that.... (I suppose some posts could have been removed ?). Loved the shell/ferrari video. I didn't much like the happy slapping one though but its no big deal. I do appreciate the moderators do a difficult job with little thanks for ensuring the board can function but in a board marked "humour and links to other pages" I'm struggling to see what Vacinc was pulled up for today. Come on guys kiss and make up (or a manly handshake if you prefer) we have lost too many major contributors over the last year.
  7. Hi Jez, Mike Perry gave me his steering wheel pad for my SVA and said I could pass it on. PM me your address and I'll send it on. Phil
  8. On this site we come to build cars and educate our minds Thanks for all the replies guys can't wait to get my Surrey made now
  9. Well I was getting worried that my peaceful nights sleep would be ruined with yet another question I didn't know the answer to but this time google toolbar auto suggest thing came up trumps with sleep tight origin :- http://ask.yahoo.com/20020917.html It didn't do such a good job with surrey top though
  10. Thanks for that grizzly. Who'd have thought it would have been named after a type of carriage. Well another of lifes mysteries solved. I can feel a peaceful nights sleep coming on now
  11. Hi Guys, Something has been puzzling me. One of them annoying questions that just pop into your mind for no apparent reason. Why is a surrey top called a surrey ? Thanks to anyone out there who can help solve this great problem Phil
  12. And not forgetting Stigs american cousin - Big Stig
  13. What a great episode Very funny indeed. I've spent a bit of time in the US working and some of the stuff rang true. (If slightly embelished ) I particularly liked the refrence to the hotel chains and red lobster Its so true.
  14. Hi Guys, Does any one have a bottom aluminum rail for a RH windscreen that they don't need anymore ? Err it looks like I cut mine a little too short Thank in advance Phil
  15. A nice soldering iron set. No more crimping for me
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