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  1. I had mine done there earlier in the year. Is he still in the old shed? I would have expected more from yours though? But if you are happy that is all that counts. Mine was pulling 164 at the wheels. Blacktop Zetec and ZX9carbs. ( i thought the figures was a bit ambitious though for a standard engine)
  2. I have heard very good reviews on R1R's.
  3. Yes i do. I also have quite a few spare parts. Once i get chance i will post them all up. I am away with work for the next few weeks, so it will be after then. (unless i get chance in the evenings and a internet connection)
  4. It was on the car when i purchased it. Apart from that i can not help you. Sorry.
  5. Andi - To be honest not completely, however now it is done the challenge is done. I have seen a few other things that takes my fancy. But if i don't get a decent price i will keep it and carry on with the usual past time of winter mods.
  6. Now i have got everything as i want i have decided to put my Zero up for sale. It is a completely different car from when i bought it last November. The only original parts are the body work and chassis. This is now a very sorted Zero. Below is a link to the Ebay advert. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1555.l2649 Please feel free to contact me either through this site or 07769159195
  7. Thats spell check on the Mac for you!
  8. What did you do with the windscreen frame? Did you spray this? What type of finish did you get?
  9. The WHP does look to be low for what you have. The best why is for you to compare the cars performance with a similar car. Obviously the track would be ideal due to nothing coming the opposite way etc. My Zetec powered Zero running ZX9 carbs and mega jolt shown 164WHP on a RR session. These figures seemed a little high, but i know that it holds its own with other kits running throttle bodies and higher BHP. Whats most important is it makes me smile as much as anyone else.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Did you paint or powder coat once all done? Did you use self tapers or bolts for mounting uprights to screen?
  11. I purchased a windscreen kit from GBS end of last year. The kit comes with the required parts, but they need altering to fit. The windscreen supports come completely flat and require bending to follow the contour of the scuttle. Has anyone done this successfully themselves for the Zero? Mechanical and electrical work is not an issue for me, but bodywork and bending metal is not my thing. Any help is very much appreciated.
  12. I noticed this posted on SKKC late June. Had a track day yesterday at Blyton, with a few from SKCC. Best day ever, car is now working as it should, great banter. All round great day. I would fully recommend using this track to test the car. You may have heart ache during the journey, but if you persist you will be very happy in the end. This is my experience anyway. GBS will assist in helping you get around the circuit quicker. My advice is get one of them to sit in your car with you and listen. I will be booking on this as well. There is a post on SKCC for this, so better get the booking done quick.
  13. Pete - i had to cut some off the manifold section that goes into the silencer.
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