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  1. Soyabeann

    Cooling System

    Fantastic info as I'm doing the cooling on mine, I have a question to water temp turning the switch on for the fan would you recommend on 95 off 86 degrees or on 88 off 79 degrees? That list was also great who would have thought a b&q part would make it under the bonnet
  2. No problem Johny The wheels are 15" the details are on the reverse of the wheels if you can see in the pics
  3. £350 sounds fine, I'll get them all packaged on a pallet and just let me know when you have a courier arranged if that suits? Paul
  4. Hi Johny How much are you looking to spend? And would you need them couriered?
  5. Hi for sale is my 2b that unfortunately I have not got the time to work on or drive. The car was built by me and my dad in 2000 and passed the sva with a pinto, which we changed to a zetec later but neither of us have had time finish off the little jobs that need doing, it is taxed and mot'd and recently had a £500 custom exhaust manifold fitted. The jobs that need doing are; Steering cowl fitted, which I have Speedo sensor, which I have Connect the oil sender to the guage, which I have temporarily done to make sure it works Bit of carpet missing in the footwell I have bought and fitted a new alternator and bracket from Westfield and belt which cost £180, just to find that the bracket was broken on the old, so it has a spare alternator. Also bought another set of bonnet catches which I was going to fit The car needs a rolling road setup as the carbs were on the pinto, I have changed the jets, but it needs RR to get the best out of it. The car doesn't have windscreen wipers fitted but I have some mini motors somewhere. These jobs are not very big but with my second child I have no time to do anything so reluctantly the car has to go. There is also a brand new set of team dynamic wheels and typo r888 tyres for sale which can be sold with the car at a bit extra. The zetec has the arp conrod bolts fitted and is running twin dellortos 45s This could be a really sorted car for a small amount of money and a bit of time doing some small jobs over the winter, I'm asking only £3500 so please let me know if your interested Paul
  6. I'm going to get in touch with exhaust by design and see what a custom manifold will cost, might as well get it right first time or maybe second time
  7. I'm in two minds weather to get an new exhaust system before I go, had a quick look on the tiger website, and there manifold might do the trick, need to do a bit of measuring first, anyone know of another make, or dare I say it a custom made? http://www.tigerracing.com/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=62&products_id=176
  8. I'll have a look into them, travelling isn't a problem as I'd rather go somewhere that has a good reputation and Devon isn't too far from me, thanks for your info
  9. Think I'll take my chances at the rolling road session..... There she blows!! Anyone have any experience with a good tuning company and rolling road in the south west?
  10. More concerned if it would effect the rolling road session, unsure if this would cause any problems when tuning with the exhaust leaking or back pressure, if not then I'll leave alone, don't want to turn up on the back foot as I'm sure there will be other issues and cost involved, so I'm just trying to get the basics done first, thanks for your response
  11. Hi all, need a bit of advice. I'm planning on getting my 2b back on the road as it's been stood still for a few years and amongst many things the exhaust manifold has a few black spots around the welds and eh collector doesn't look too clever, I am wondering if heat wrap might be a tempory measure so that I can get it on a rolling road before having to fork out for a new manifold? Would love to put a new manifold on now but can't afford it and would like to get it running and tunned and sort the exhaust out next year. Cheers in advance
  12. Hi Neil, looking for around the £550 mark depending on pick up or currier
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