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  1. Hi just went to go get the car booked in for tracking to try sort the wheel wobble problem i'm having but he said he needs to know the settings to do the job properly but because its a kit car he cant just look it up, so does anybody now what the tracking setting are on a 2B sliding pillar. Thanks Alex
  2. so i have started wearing my helmet when i go out in the hood and i must say it is much better not having stones and other road stuff hit you in the face and eyes at 60mph plus but after doing some research it seems it's illegal to wear a helmet when driving a car. So has any one been pulled for wearing a helmet.
  3. great will need to get the new tyres ordered then and hopefully that will sort it
  4. thanks for or the help time to get new tyres then
  5. thank you will see if i can tighten the nuts and if you could let me know how the new tyres go that would be great
  6. ok thanks will try get to the next one
  7. does any one know when this meet is next on
  8. had a look to see if any weights had fallen off the wheels and all still there also had it up on ramp so my mate who is a mechanic could have a look at it and he couldn't find anything either, only thing i think it could be now is the tyres maybe putting new ones on in the next month or so, so will see if that changes anything
  9. just had a look at track rod ends and they seem to be fine no play in them and there is no play in the steering it happens just at the right angle and speed, could the tracking be out?
  10. its sliding pillar and no not whilst braking just in long corners doing about 60 ish
  11. so i have been out in the hood today and i was getting rather bad steering judder through long high speed corners i have looked at the suspension but can't see anything obvious does any body have any idea what it could be. Thanks Alex
  12. thank you to every one who voted the comp ended last night and i won
  13. quick bump voting ends tonight
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