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  1. As above,towbar wiring bypass incorrectly fitted or...fuel pressure fault under load putting the car into "limp home mode"
  2. That set-up that you've got looks nice,gonna have to re-do my clock set up on mine,what car were those ones out of if you don't mind me asking?.
  3. wedgy

    Water In Cylinder

    Been there..mine was a cracked and warped cylinder head just after I bought the car...sorry...probs not the answer you were after.
  4. wedgy

    Fuel Prices

    What DanE said above...could not agree more....GGGGRRRRRR
  5. I have a pair of ron thompson fishing neoprene gloves.They are quite good for the winter,have great grip on the wheel in the car and also have the added benefit of fold down/velcro bits on the fingers in case you want to have a quick pick of your nose etc whilst driving...All in all...good gloves..had them for ages now.
  6. wedgy

    First Run

    Steep learning curve ???????....EH...???
  7. Hog Roast...did someone mention food ??
  8. wedgy

    Hearing Protection

    Might have to look at this..must admit..It does make a lot of sense,I wear ear plugs when I take the bike out and for the amount of time I've had out of the car so far..It's a bit louder than the bike,especially when the exhaust is sitting a couple of feet away from my right lug !!!...So wait a minute..exhaust noise in right lug..wife noise in left lug..O.K..you've sold me on the idea !
  9. wedgy

    2.0 Pinto Head.

    Thanks for the heads up,waiting for a reply from the guy,I really wish folks would put a phone number on their gumtree ad,be a lot quicker,I know someone who might possibly want the gearbox so would be a win win.
  10. wedgy

    2.0 Pinto Head.

    Richard,thanks for the reply,right..will have to organise getting through and picking that engine up,get it stripped,rebuilt and "flung"into the hood,will plan to have it in,running and on road for summer 2014 after hopefully running the pinto this year.
  11. wedgy

    2.0 Pinto Head.

    Hi dan,thanks for the link,I did read this post and must admit..it got me wondering.Would be a big bonus to be able to run the v8 with the type 9 box so maybe have to have a longer think about it,just want to get this (little) pinto working right for a while and thrash it to death this year.
  12. wedgy

    2.0 Pinto Head.

    Hi all,new member here.After taking the plunge and buying myself a robin hood in december,(no room to build one myself)and driving it up..(or trying to !!)..just ask PGMick on forum,long story..smoke..flames..breakdown truck....anyway,getting back to the subject,I have discovered that the cylinder head on my car has not only got a bit of a warp on it but has a crack as well..Happy Days..So,anyway,just putting the feelers out to see if anyone knew where I would be able to pick one up,plenty on ebay but peeps don't want to ship on there and they're all down south.Seems like bits and bobs for these engines are getting a bit scarce,might have to think about dropping my rover v8 engine in a bit sooner than planned..that is if I can find a manual box to mate it to..aw jeez..another item which seems to be about as rare as rocking horse shecht,never mind,anyway,thanks for taking the time to read this and any help would be greatly appreciated..Mark.
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