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  1. Hi, I don't suppose you have an ecu for the original car do you? I have the same engine as yours with the original efi on
  2. Ok thanks , the car isn't here at the moment. I'll try and get over to where it is next week and measure it.
  3. Hi , just seen your add .Take it the bonnet is now long gone,don't know where there is another do you.Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions,and the more I think about it I'm sure that recovering my car is the way to go. Also I was looking at the Chester Sports car site last night and they aren't too far from home,wish I had contacted them in the first place.I am going to sort it out in the next week or so and will keep you posted.Mike.
  5. Yes the pinto was on dcoe 40 s , as regards the fuel pump and lines I don't know as yet what type of pump and fuel lines have been fitted,when I last went to look about ten days ago, there was a new fuel pump installed in the back ,but I couldn't physically get round to have a close look as i was on crutches at the time"left leg below knee amputated last May 28th as a result of my old injury,but I'm sure I can overcome that once I get my prosthetic leg sorted". And yes that was August 20013 when I bought the zetec engine ,it was on a frame/test bed and had only been used by the military for ed
  6. Thank you all for taking the time to help,I have copied the relevant information so will see what the garage can make of it.Will keep you posted.Thanks.Mike.
  7. Hi, this is a first-time posting for me so please be gentle. I have a 2B that had a pinto fitted that wasn't the most reliable or economical,so decided to fit a 1.8 silvertop zetec. That was last August,then just as I started the job an old leg injury from a motorcycle accident from years ago started to get nasty.To get to the point it ended in me having to ship the job out to a garage on the outskirts of Manchester.The chap has done the engine swap but now doesn't have a clue how to get it running in standard trim,with the original ecu etc,so far it has cost me a fortune with labour charges a
  8. would appreciate any contact with members in warrington cheshire area,

    1. habakuk


      i have just bought a robin hood not quite certain what its like,picking it up on sunday.new to this so any help will be appreciated.

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