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  1. rebuilding a 205 efi engine to replace my 1.8 and noticed inside of thermostat housing almost corroded through, if anyone has a stat housing kicking about under that bench in the garage that we all have , and find one in half decent nick pm me please ...............they want silly money for ones that are in about the same condition as mine on fleabay ! Thanks for your time Derek
  2. I have a similar problem that i am too lazy to fix. if i put my hazards on then turn off the ignition engine still runs , i think you have managed to wire the non ignition side of the electrics to the ignition on side of the electrics. in my case its 2 wires on the hazard switch. I would check your feed for your fan and also where you have earthed your fan . Being a cobbler you are the worst shod guy in the street ....... I'm an electronics engineer. Hey ho Best wishes Derek
  3. what no more donuts at Falkirk wheel lol Best wishes D
  4. I have talked to Mike one of my work colleagues and he has very kindly offered to collect it for me and bring it up when he is next working up here can we exchange tel nos to arrange etc and arrange to pay you, i can bank trans direct into your a/c or paypal but we can discuss this later i will pm you my tel no Cheers Derek
  5. Im interested but live in Dundee can you give me 1st chance on it , i need to talk to some of my work colleagues to see if i can get it up here from chesterfield (i dont have a driving license again till sept) i will contact them tomorrow and get back to you if this is ok please pm me
  6. Title says it all...... all help / info gratefully received Thanks Derek
  7. will move to engine forum to ask whats involved Thanks D
  8. Don't you have to do allsorts to water rail and other bits and bobs ?
  9. My 1.8 pinto failed mot on emissions last year and i really haven't had the time to do anything since if i am taking engine out i would like to replace with 2ltr and preferably a 205 block if anyone knows of one please pm me or email derek@derek-brooks.com Thanks for your time guys Derek
  10. I lost 6 ducks from wired compound over several nights suspected 2 legged fox as left chickens alone, gave bin men a tenner to look for feathers going into bin lorry from estate next door to no avail mrD
  11. mr D

    Missing The Hood

    Down to 1 stick ( but dont really need it) walked about a mile round town yesterday , ok it was slow but relatively pain free, had 1st pint in 3 weeks (woo hoo) and actually slept better last night than since operation. so getting there. Wont try in and out of hood yet till a couple of well built mates are on hand just in case! Best to all Derek
  12. mr D

    Missing The Hood

    Cheers all, doing the exercises, no pain no gain they tell me , its hard to believe sometimes though Bws Derek
  13. mr D

    Missing The Hood

    New knee last Monday already missing the Hood, would even try just a sit in if i thought i might get back out without the assistance of the fire brigade (32 clips in it at the moment). Best to all D
  14. Nuddy welding ............... now there's a fetish that wasn't in 50 shades of grey............(so I am told) D
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