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  1. Still for sale. Drive shaft £15 Rear brake hubs and backing plate £10 5 Speed gear stick £10 collection only or you arrange carrier
  2. Gearbox and engine now sold other bits now on e -bay
  3. Will keep you in mind Darren,but I will not be splitting engine and gearbox to much work for me ,but other bits would be OK later. Cheers. Colin
  4. I want to sell all at one go if possible so will not split yet. Pinto 2ltr efi engine & 5 speed gearbox 205 block complete with ignition coil ,oil filter ,fuel pressure reg,engine mounts and rubbers, LSD transmission,pinion and mounting bolts, rubber coupling, main drive shaft, O/S & N/S drive shafts & hub carriers, Disc brakes,drum brakes and backing plates, Master cylinder, Pedal box, inner steering coloum, steering rack Sub Frame + lots of other little bits ,nuts ,bolts brkts, leads etc etc NO Management system All from same motor, D reg Sierra, 78000 on clo
  5. Good local show for us North East guys,just off the A172 Stokesley road near Osmotherley,in a field close by to the Black Horse pub,good ale and good food,post code is DL63ED for more info log onto www.swainbyclassiccars.org.uk,hope to see a few of you there. Colin
  6. Colin

    Windchaser Flag

    Thank's for help, Hampshire flags seem to be fine. Cheers Colin
  7. My wife Sam, is a member of a local charity organisation and to help advertise themselves they would like to purchase one or two of the type of flags that are flown on our show stands at Kit car shows,I have had a look on the net but such a lot of cowboy's on and not sure of the quality would just like advice on the best place to purchase from and a rough price guide, Hope someone can help. Cheers Colin
  8. I made a corner template of the window frame out of 10mm ply but on the side that was to go down the side of frame I put a slight curve in it so that the bend would have more tension on it, I then held the rail in vice jammed between rubber blocks,got the wife to hold ply level with vice,using a bit of hollow tube as handle sipped over rail and bent to suit,just keep tube well back from corner so that you do not mark rail,it worked well,once you have your first bend in and it is tight up to side lay rail on top and mark off start of other bend,it worked quite well.make sure you buy a good len
  9. See you there Norman, great night for a spin out. Colin
  10. Colin

    Smallways 2013

    Brilliant run out,Sam and I really enjoyed it,nice to meet new friends just need to do it more often. Cheers. Sam & Colin
  11. Colin

    Smallways 2013

    Hope to join you on Saturday for the run out. Colin
  12. Colin

    Pay & Display

    If and when possible as some parking machines are for motor bikes as well get these,as you get two tickets,one for bike and one to keep in your pocket.some of these ask you for reg No to be typed on . Colin
  13. Friend of mine has just bought a top of the range Ferrari Spider 458. £252.000 plus, with all the bells and whistles,ordered two years ago,delivered yesterday,he went to see it before delivery just to make sure it was up to the spec he ordered, went over it with a fine tooth comb and noticed that on the drivers door side,that the top edge of the door at the handle side did not match up with the body line and was about 2mm lower,so mentioned it to salesman who said he will sort it, few ticks later a man arrived in his Ferrari boiler suit and baseball cap,carrying a block of wood and a hammer, h
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