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  1. Dean Morledge

    Wanted Apple Ipad

    See this groupon offer: Certified Refurbished Apple iPad 3 64GB from £269.99 or iPad 4 64GB from £309.99 With Case and Free Delivery http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/national-deal/gg-yellowstone-1/49099936
  2. Dean Morledge

    Trailer For Sale

    Kevin Booth, was this the original photo you tried to post?
  3. Dean Morledge

    Drawing Software

    Cheers for the suggestions so far guys. obtaining the different software is not an issue for me and doing this kind of thing i find interesting and enjoyable to learn so im alright at taking the time to get it right. i will take a look at the suggestions so far and see which will work best for me. dean.
  4. Dean Morledge

    Radiator Ducting Options

    Cheers Ian, good idea... I already have the vents on the top of the bonnet but will consider side vents as well as an option to try and help. Need to get it sorted so I can build some confidence in the car that it wont fail/overheat on me!
  5. Dean Morledge

    Drawing Software

    Hi All, I am looking at the possibility of re-wiring the car over the winter but want to get some planning done beforehand. Can anyone recommend any software that I can use to draw this plan out or is it just a case of paper and pencil? Cheers Dean
  6. Dean Morledge

    Radiator Ducting Options

    Hi all, I am having a problem with overheating in my 2B and am aware that it is most likely due to the rad being at a slight angle to fit in the nose cone and the air flowing over/around the radiator instead of through it. So I am looking for options as to the best way to duct the airflow into the radiator instead of around it. Is it just a bit of thin ally around the radiator up to the edges of the nose cone or is there another alternative? Also going to look at the front grill options as it currently has quite a tight mesh and I know opening this up a bit can also help. Cheers Dean
  7. Dean Morledge

    Storing Kit Outdoors

    As you can see from the picture the main access to the house, the front door is on the left of the picture and the side access to the house is not wide enough to get the car down to build a lean to building. So building a plywood box would work in that I have the space for it and if its built just high enough to go over the car wouldn't be too high to obstruct seeing the front door from the street, just not sure aesthetically how it will look as it will be in the middle of the garden rather than off to the side or similar. The other option of the tent/garage structure could be a possibility as there is plenty of space for it but as you say does involve the initial cash outlay (last time I looked they weren't too cheap) hmmmm things to think about
  8. Dean Morledge

    Storing Kit Outdoors

    Hi all, in a bid to save some money and use the kit more i will be getting rid of the garage that i am renting about 1 mile away from my house where the kit currently is and keeping it on the driveway infront of my house. there is no option of having a garage at my house so im looking at any advice people can give for storing the car outdoors, especially over the winter. How can i best protect the car from water damage etc? currently i have a waterproof roof on the car but no doors, which i am hoping to sort sometime soon. And the car is under a waterproof cover as well, do i need to do anything else? cheers dean
  9. Dean Morledge

    Gbs Trackday At Donington 31-07-14

    Just a few photos I took when I went along to the track day that GBS attended at Donington. Must say it looks like a good track to drive around, just a shame its so expensive. The release from the pit lane was a bit shocking at times - on quite a few occasions cars were released from the pit lane at the same time as a large group of cars come flying down the start/finish straight approaching the first corner which to me could be a bit risky especially with in-experienced or over confident drivers, luckily there were no issues. Photos aren't too special, only taken with a simple bridge camera and I've not had loads of experience with action shots! More can be located http://s1144.photobucket.com/user/wallisonline/library/Donington%20Trackday%2031-07-14
  10. Dean Morledge

    Trackday Noise Limits

    Gbs are doing a trackday at donnington tomorrow evening 4pm - 8pm. Dont they normally just tag alng on a javelin track day? could always pop along in kit and see if someone can test noise level for you?
  11. Dean Morledge

    Stoneleigh 2014 May 4Th-5Th

    Has anyone watched the Official Stoneleigh video on the website? There is a glimpse of a kit car at about 48 seconds that some might recognise! http://www.nationalkitcarshow.co.uk/html/video_action.html
  12. Dean Morledge

    Windscreen Wanted And Brackets. S7

    It was a perfect fit for my car. The brackets didn't need adjusting to make it fit, just gave the brackets a quick touch up and some new seals to the bonnet and it went straight on.
  13. Dean Morledge

    Windscreen Wanted And Brackets. S7

    FYI i got a windscreen that was removed from an s7 off someone on here and this fitted my 2b ok.
  14. Dean Morledge


    Went into my Local Aldi on Saturday and they had put them on sale - had about 10 out on the shop floor when I went in so worth popping along if you still want one!
  15. Dean Morledge

    2B On The Rolling Road

    Not sure if it is the reason but we did say to Kevin the tuner that i was hoping to use the car mainly for everyday driving, too and from work etc rather than tracking/speed. this might help explain some of the difference in bhp?