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  1. tractor

    Bike Carbs

    recently purchased my bike carbs from danst he will supply full kit to just bolt on synced the carbs and off I whent
  2. tractor

    Pinto Head

    cheers craig would first thing sat morn be ok
  3. tractor

    Pinto Head

    yep that will do pm me address or phone and I will come and get it
  4. tractor

    Pinto Head

    i am looking iiI am looking for a 2ltr pinto head standard or injection can pay and collect asap but don't want to tread on any toes
  5. swapped my 1.6 for a 2ltr used the 2ltr clutch fitted straight onto 1.6 box works fine just trying to get the bike carbs to work now got it to tick over nice last night back at it today
  6. engine is no longer available
  7. 1.6 pinto engine for sale webber carb shortened sump other than that completely standard £100 removed from 2b
  8. here is my number if u still require help 07791627059
  9. yes the offer of pizza sounds good do you have all the kit to do it i am available saturday afternoon maybe eariler depends on work
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