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  1. 0ily joe

    Wet Weather Gear

    Hi i have just fitted mine using caravan awning rail glued with Silka flex when set fitted with short self tapers below the bends each end of wind screen and 4 screws along the top. fitting it this way you have to get the insert for awning rail seewn on to the front of the hood, fitting this way prevents water getting in under the front of hood.
  2. 0ily joe

    Sierra Camber Correction Shims

    Hi thanks ever one got a pair of shims from peter bell took one hour to fit superb quality. A must for 2B with wishbone suspension. .
  3. 0ily joe

    Sierra Camber Correction Shims

    Hi I am looking for Peter Bell Shims for My 2B could you please let me know how I can contact him thanks. Oily.
  4. 0ily joe

    Do I Have A Vin Number Or Not?

    Hi I have V5 for my 2b and don't know if it wolid pass the omissions as it has twin Webber dcoe 45 carbs could you advise me what to do so i could obtain a Q plate when i go for the IVA test Thanks Oily
  5. Hi There, I am looking for the dimensions for the wedges used to tilt the steering rack on a 2B. It's a car with wishbone suspension. I'm new to the site and to building the car so any suggestions welcome. Many thanks, Geoff