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  1. I'd prefer to sell complete - to be honest I don't know enough about it all to know what individual parts would be worth
  2. Mowerman thanks for that - where's the best place to advertise it? At the moment it's taking up room and I do want rid?
  3. I get that! But surely it's not to make a loss either, I get that the labour element is 'a labour of love' a hobbie or whatever, but some of the comments above are suggesting that the car I have is worth around half of the price of a kit, despite 'some' work been done and a number of extra parts being included.
  4. Hi all thanks for your feedback, my price was based on the fact that the kit new was £2700, plus £1000 trailer, the engine, updated suspension and other bits then are essentially free? I don't see how that's an unfair price? How can someone out all that money and labour in and then see for £3400 - what's the point?
  5. New to this site and not a 2B expert in any sense of the word but have paid the £15 membership to correctly post. Lack of time and space have forced me to sell my Robin Hood 2B plus, I know very little about it as I bought it in the state it's in. Previous owner have got it 75% finished, I'm told its got updated suspension and I'm told that the stainless steel frame and paneling are optional extras. It's got a 2.1l pinto engine set up on bike carbs. Looking at it I would say everything needed to finish is included, there's 5 brand new boxed alloys, race seats, race harnesses and.boxes full of bits that just need bolting on. I'm happy to answer any questions as best I can. Car is located in Wellington Somerset and delivery can be arranged. When I bought the car, I bought a car transporter trailer seperatley (shown in pics) so am happy to sell this by seperate negotiation. Looking for £3750 including trailer or offers for just car and parts.
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