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  1. as it said in the title, i'm in herts area just need it out of the garage £50
  2. allbejay

    Seats Needed

    They fitted my 3a on a trial fit with room to spare, i will add there the slimmer versions designed for a 32" waist or less rather than the stock size. Anyhows i'm using them no so there no longer for sale..
  3. allbejay

    Seats Needed

    i have a pair of corbeau clubmans, been sitting in my loft for ages, still new and un used, 120 the pair.. there in black and are to 2000 style seats.. try www.corbeau.com for details and measurements
  4. not sure on the mount, but with the exhaust i brought new studs longer in length and then had a copper plate around 10mm thick machined to the exact dimensions of a gasket wasn't on a hood but got me out of trouble plus copper is reusable time and time again oh forgot to add people like ferriday engineering may be able to help with this
  5. allbejay

    A Lovely Donor

    Basically i'm selling on behalf of a friend a 1990 sierra 2wd cosworth, it's in white with black leather recaros and 17" wolfrace alloys. The car has a good history with lots of reciepts and is standard apart from a new dump valve. It taxed until next month and mot'd around the same time. It runs and drives very well but has been sitting up for a while hence the reason it is up for sale, could do with a new set of leads and one rear caliper possibly both are sticking on. I came across this as i just brought one for myself and i said i'd pass this on to the site's i know to see if theres any interest.. He said he would part ex for any hood but would have to be registered. or failiong that his looking for around £3000 I think it's a good price for this considering what they make in parts alone. E-mail/pm me and i'll pass you on to him etc etc.. or call 07776258344 Kind regards Bejay
  6. i done this with my driving instructor a few years back while i was learning to drive, a very worth cause.. Good luck fella and enjoy the day, i was within the top few with my times, i know it's not a race but i've been cycling for ten years now and getting better all the time. I'd love to do it again but between my everyday cycling events and work i dont find time, maybe next year....
  7. right having a clear out and want to sell these things as soon as possible to make space.. Cosworth back axle complete, with discs and calipers £130 Emerald m3d engine management with new un used loom, map sensor, lambda sensor and temp sensor and 2 ignition modules.. All boxed and unused, with manual and computer disc with base map for turbo charged engine, will run normally aspirated.. This ecu is designed for the zetec engine with crank pick up will also run other wasted spark engines ie, vauxhall red top etc £450 Corbeau clubman seats, a pair new and unused, designed for 32" waist so there slim and fitted my 2b, www.corbeau.com for measurements there black and the 2000 model.. £100 1.8 zetec engine post 95 though but a good runner with 70k on car it came from.. £75 Twin wheel car trailor needs a little tidy up but towed big cars okay, new jockey wheel, braked all round metal chassis, wooden boards. has a light board and 2 metal ramps and wind up winch. needs attention on wooden mud guards due to catching them on my garage door (yep it fitted, just) £350 Zetec turbo engine, focus rs internals, including another head as the previous was drilled for cvh manifold, sodium filled valves, new water pump, oil pump etc, sump fitted for oil returns, polished rocker cover, tubiler manifold for zetec, feul rail modded for bigger injectors (cossie) £700 Just been recondition and not used since t3 turbo from a cvh engine £200 Email or pm for more details, my number is 07776258344 if you wanna call Many regards bejay
  8. i was told cossies are 283mm, i think there more than likely granada as thats what my dads dax ran, try and call dj sports cars and there help, based in harlow if you didnt know try 118 118 got your number
  9. jesus are they that cheap with only a few years and miles on them, sorry if i miss informed ya, in that case go for it but only if u could get it cheaper, i's usually price up in autotrader etc etc and go from there..
  10. yes yes yes, when me and dad looked at mums focus st these were 20k plus new and there always a good to superb car and u cant really fault them thats why they sell
  11. use pure argon as it limits contamination in the weld, argoshield is fine but remember when/if you change to stainless wire change the liner and rollers too. You can get away with mild steel wire as we do occasionally at work when customers ask for a quick fix, aslong as it's painted it then wont rust, boc is a good place for parts but they can be expensive from experience, if your in no rush search the net for parts, oh and we used to use a c02 fire extingusher (sp) for mild steel welding years ago, just made sure it was a high pressure rated bottle.
  12. theres a local place in herts that will cut any type off glass for us, they usually make fish tanks but have done custom windscreens before so i cant see why they wont, oh and with most autoglass places there only fit/sell off the shelf windscreens as they like to be a pain.. I could be wrong though, regards bejay
  13. allbejay


    i got a tracker on mine, oh and the steering wheel bag, us youngsters will know them as record bags, just the right size and a 22 year old like me can get away with having a bag like that.. Better still, invest in a big fat rottweiler to sit in it all day, atleast thats what an old guy near us used to do (maybe a doberman, cant really remember now)
  14. i don't want to add to this rant but i rang up there *technical* department as they stated they had 5 or 6 old chassis complete that they were selling of cheap, i asked for series 3a, which he said " i THINK i'm looking at one now" so i said could you e-mail me a pic of the front and i should be able to confirm that, 2 weeks later i got a pic of the back half.. a few e-mails later i got the front pic, nothing like the car i was looking for.. I gave up, never called since. Sorry but it is annoying, i need a bonnet soon but not looking forward to ordering it.. Regards bejay
  15. allbejay


    just tried it, came up as body type sports, colour green but no manufacturer or model
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