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  1. Yes saw those too... the guy has a lot of diffs on Ebay but a very low number of transactions... I was thinking it was worth a punt...? Worst case loose £135
  2. Thank you for your feedback and comments. Looking at a 3,92 diff later this week...
  3. Aaaahh, yes you are indeed right Bob...that'll need to be considered...always fancied the longer 1st gear...might be a two stage update
  4. Thanks Richyb - just thought I'd check that my thinking was correct...
  5. Hi, Just a quick check that I'm not barking up the wrong tree with rear diff ratios... I'm currently running a 7" 3.62 ratio rear diff from a Sierra. I would like to improve the acceleration of the car (not worried about top speed) so am considering buying and reconditioning a 3.92 ratio rear diff. I have an ST170 zetec engine. I'm just checking that I am going in the right direction (ratio speaking) - higher ratio, better acceleration (lower ratio, higher top speed). Is this correct thinking ? Any thigh else to be considered when changing diff ratios? Any downsides to doing this ?
  6. OK - thought that might be the answer. Just need to find a tuner who knows about bike carbs...
  7. Hi, Just stripped and cleaned my ZX-9R carbs and replaced the float valves. All floats to correct height. Now I get a lot of back-fire when I lift-off the throttle - and the engine idles fairly lumpy - I assume this is a fuelling issue, but what could be causing it ? Fuel mixture screws all at 3 turns each, 160 main jets, needles raised with two M2 washers each, idling at 850 rpm when warmed up. Is it too rich or too lean... how would I check and how would I adjust ? Do I need bigger jets ? Thanks for any suggestions !
  8. Just found this one - Sikapower 4720 - automotive adhesive... is this the one to go for ? Or Sikaflex 552 - just seen that also...
  9. Thanks for this suggestion - not come across those particular fasteners - look good, some male threaded studs in stainless would do... cheers
  10. Used both... and the ones with sleeve inserts always seem to come loose - and the grub screws are often only biting into plastic so strip threads easily. I bought a solid machined aluminum threaded knob last year (£10) and it is great, nice fit to hand and solid - highly recommended.
  11. Thanks chaps, all good stuff.. and I completely agree with the orientation... its just I've seen them the other way and wondered - "is it me?" What bonding material will hold these on at track speeds? They will be under a huge strain and the contact patch from the stays is pretty small... let me know what you suggest - thx !
  12. Hi, I am about to attach a pair of CSR carbon front wings to my Tiger... the question is, what orientation should they be at ? I have seen many fits, with the flat part at the 12.00 o'clock position on the wheel, also with the flat part at the 2.00 o'clock (or 10.00 depending on wheel ) position on the wheel. I would assume for aero benefit it should be at the top, with the longer side behind the wheel to reduce water splash ? Just want to know before I start drilling
  13. Hi, Just a quick one (I hope). Today I noticed some play in the steering column UJ. This play results in around 8-10mm of play at the steering wheel... not great ! Having taken a look, the lower half of the UJ is rotating slightly on the shaft leading to the steering rack. See picture for explanation I intend to weld this part of the UJ to stop this play - is there are reason this would be a bad idea ??? Thanks for any advice...
  14. Looks like i'll take them off and look for them myself... cheers.
  15. Hi, running a zetec with ZX9R carbs and she is fine... but I can tell the carbs are not balanced correctly and the engine "hunts" a little. I understand the theory of balancing them and have the tools, but I need someone to point at the vacuum connection points on the carbs for me ... any suggestions where I should be looking ? They will be underneath, out of sight... and I wanted a heads-up before I pull them off and start looking myself. Cheers
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