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  1. Try :- Cromwell.co.uk. Buy all my fasteners fom here. Suppliers to large engineering Co's but can do private sales in small quantities. Can deliver or you can collect if there is a local store. Regds Fil.
  2. filwaf


    Set screws is what you are looking for. Try Cromwell tools to obtain small quantities. https://www. cromwell.co.uk Check on web site for depot near where you live. You can usualy collect. If there is one local to you you can phone them direct and organise a "cash sale". All prices are on the web-site. Have used them often abd are very good. When ordering bolts or set screws, the length is measured from under the head, NOT overall length. Hope this helps. Remember to allow for SPING WASHERS when measuring for length.
  3. Thanks guys. I think I know which way I will try, but will sleep on it first. Post about the cut-out for steering column was interesting. Still at the stage of MDF mock up and not yet offered that to the car to see how much trimming needs to be done !! Regds Fil.
  4. Just about to start cutting holes in my lovely bright shiny dash panel !! I was thinking of using a hole saw of the correct diameter for the gauges, but does anyone feel this is too risky !!. I fear the panel may splinter ( GBS panel ). Is this the best way or does someone have any better suggestions. Regds Fil.
  5. Hi, Part way though my build, so can measure for you tomorrow and pm tomorrow evening, ( no garage at home so building at me brother-in law's garage !! )
  6. filwaf

    Area Sec ?

    Hi, Anyone out there know who the area sec for the north wales,cheshire,Merseyside and Shropshire area is. I tried to contact the email address on the confirmation letter but it just bounced back !! Thanks.
  7. filwaf

    Zero Iva Fail

    Hi Aidan, Sorry to hear about your IVA fail. Doesn't seem like anything you can't easily sort. I am a little worried though as I am in the early stage of my build and have the diff installed with the GBS spacers. Did the test station say why they did not like the spacers. I went to a lot of trouble measuring the width for the spacers and having then all ground to the correct width. Regds Fil.
  8. filwaf

    Build Stands

    Hi St3, Tried to pm you but you cannot receive messages. Is your inbox full ?
  9. Hi Guys, I will soon be picking up my chassis and so will be fitting panels etc on the car at the appropriate time. What are the advantages of Cleco pins over Skin pins and are there any other temporary fasteners out there which I should be considering.
  10. filwaf

    Build Stands

    Hi Thanks for the offer. Message on its way to you. Regds Fil.
  11. filwaf

    Build Stands

    Hi guys, Anyone in the north west have any build stands I could borrow, ( beer tokens gladly donated ), or buy at a reasonable cost. Happy to collect provided it does not need a petrol tanker full of fuel to get there!! ....lol. Hoping to start building in the next couple of weeks. Thanks.
  12. Hi Steamer, I think you have lost your way. You should have been a philosopher !! It makes so much sense. Regds Fil.
  13. Hi Dan, After speaking to a couple of Robin Hood owners last night I am almost at the point of going with 4 pot callipers front and drums rear. Now as usual I have concerns that I have read somewhere that individual callipers may not be compatible with certain internal wheel profiles, so will I need to check with the supplier and let them know which wheels I will be using ? Regards Fil.
  14. Hi Bob and Marcus. Thanks for your powerful arguments, but for now I am still undecided. In the final assessment the depth ( or not ) of my pockets may have a large bearing on what format the breaks take, but util I have to make a decision I will keep mulling things over. Hope to bump into you at one of the shows. Regards Fil.
  15. Hi Bob, Thanks for the steer ( if you pardon the pun ), but one of my concerns with single pot calipers is the need for the caliper body to move freely on the rails. It has been known for this action to seize up and then when brakes are applied it starts to flex the carrier as the pads wear. I don't know if I am justified in this but as an engineer, these are the kinds of concerns that go through my mind and I would not wish to make too many compromises when it comes to something as safety critical as brakes. Regards Fil.
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