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  1. i had the same problem when i ivad my westi someone had swapped the engine and the number was different to the one on the holomogations letter. i just stuck a cat on the exhaust and passed the emissions test as it were aged over 1994. i got an age related plate i used the engine number which i had in the car i did have the log book for the mazda and the old vin plates like richyb66 says though if you not going for age related it doent make any difference as it wont be tested for proof of age
  2. i have real sj4000 although id say the quality is a little better on mine that is a video from the wscc parade lap it was only set to record on 720p i still dont think the above camera is bad for the money can i ask where you got it from for that money as i wouldnt mind one for the front of the car like yours is mounted the reason i record at 720p is it records at 60 frames a second 1080p only does 30 frames a second but my camera records in 30 minute blocks at 1080p because of the card formatting so at 720p i get alot more footage in one video
  3. i think it depends how much you want to spend. i have an omex 600 on my mx5 engine. wired it all myself the manual isnt that clear but once you get your head around it its fine. had it mapped ive done over 2000 miles since and all i can say is the reliabilty has been faultless. omex were great when i needed help and i also went on the factory tour the weekend i carnt speak fro the other manufactureres but after hearing how there ecus are tested it puts my mind at ease that its still going to be working for a long time.
  4. i used carbond http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Carbond-940FC-Adhesive-Sealant-Car-Body-Kit-Bond-Glue-Soudal-Metal-Marine-/361011472704?hash=item540df5e940:g:XuQAAOSwLVZVgdXu ive installed two sets of wings with this now and neither have ever budged its just messy and takes a while to go off i used ratchet straps wrapped around the wings to the brackets to keep them in place
  5. bunje

    Iva On Friday

    good luck for today
  6. bunje

    Iva On Friday

    if you dont send it there it goes into a big sorting pile for the whole of the dvla and can take upto ten days just to get to kits and rebuilds i also sent mine special delivery so that when it arrives it can be tracked and you can see who signs for it
  7. bunje

    Iva On Friday

    i didnt take note as to if you were going for a new plate or a age related plate or a q plate if its a donor you need form v55/5 if its a new plate you need form v55/4 and you will alsop need to supply a certificate of newness for this
  8. bunje

    Iva On Friday

    ive just registered my westfeild on a n age related plate. the iva tested asked if i was putting it on an age related plate becasue of the engien age as to weather it needed a cat or not. once passed iva i sent the registration form and a built up vehicle report stating where the major components came from can be downloaded from the dvla wesbsite the registration form carnt though it has to be ordered and posted to you. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/built-up-vehicle-inspection-reportheres the link for the built up vehicle report. you also have to send recipts off for the new parts. to correspond with the built up vehicle report.your iva certificate. and i sent the old log book for my donor car. regarding receipts i sent the one for the chassis, i sent the one for my suspension components including ball joints. one for the steering rack and all other steering components and everything else cam off the donor so just sent the log book i also put a note in the other information section stating that the donor was broken for parts and sold including the fuel tank then all vin plates ver removed and destroyed by myself then the shell was cut up and scrapped at the local scrap yard. and i also put that i hoped i had done everything to get the age related plate and if there were any problems to contact me via my mobile. i recieved the log book and registration a week later. dont forget to send a chequ with your first tax and the 55 pounds registraion fee and sent it to kits and rebuild D4 . DVLA Swansea S99 1ZZ this is the direct postal box for the kit car registration post box as otherwise i can take ages to get there hope that helps
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