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  1. Just taken a boatload of PS3s if anyone is still interested.
  2. Thabks for that Alan, glad to hear you're happy with them :-)
  3. Just to update this as I'm getting a few enquiries through - the PE2s are no more BUT I can now supply the newer, more advanced Michelin PS3 tyres. Same price and details as above.
  4. 15s only I'm afraid agentZed. 2b - they'll be as close as possible, I can assure you you won't be disappointed. I've sold over 200tyres through this and other forums and not had 1 complaint.
  5. Just to update this as I'm getting a few enquiries through - the PE2s are no more BUT I can now supply the newer, more advanced Michelin PS3 tyres. Same price and details as above.
  6. Michelin Pilot PS3s 195/50 R15 now in stock! Some reviews: Given 100% (breakdown) while driving a Ford Focus ST (225-40-18-W) Driving on a combination of roads for 1,000 spirited miles 5 weeks owning my focus mk2 st2 and first thing was to get the barum budgets off and some proper rubber on. Im running 320bhp with mods trough the front wheels so it needs a dam good tyre. Im pleased to say Im so happy with the pilot sport 3. They have totally changed to feel and ride and the grip is phenomenal in both dry and wet. In my opinion a must have for the st. 500 I paid for 4 spankers which may seem steep but it feels safe and planted with these bad boys on. Look no further. Given 97% (breakdown) while driving a BMW 328i Coupe (225-45-17-) Driving on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles Absolutely superb, these are a million miles better than £10-20 cheaper options Dry and wet grip are very very good, I have used these on track and they don't come a far off the grip I get from Toyo Proxes R888 semi-slicks on the same car. Road feeling is superb, they are quiet and you know all the time whats happening Prices for these are £110 a set of four collected or £125 delivered to your door. Paypal only - add 4% of send as a gift. Plenty of happy customers on this and other forums.
  7. Leak was very minor and the clutch worked fine even with an LSD. Entirely up to a prospective buyer whether they choose to use the friction plate or replace but £80 is cheap even for just the flywheel IMO.
  8. This is a 2.0 flywheel that was professionally lightened and balanced by Scholar Race engines. The flywheel weighs 7.5kg The clutch has done 750miles and is like new (as you'd expect). The total clutch and flywheel weigh 12.5kg. Reason for sale - I've just swopped to a (lighter) race flywheel and clutch. £80 collected (Huddersfield) for everything or £100 posted.
  9. Hi mate, thanks for replying. Although I noted 1.8 blacktop flywheel, the flywheel itself is actually made by Ginetta for their race-cars so is already suited for the pinto clutch - so no re-drilling required.
  10. I currently have a 2.0 silvertop mated to an MT75 box which uses: Lightened 2.0 Clutch 2.0 Clutch plate Release bearing with a spacer This weekend I'm replacing it with: 1.8 aftermarket blacktop flywheel Pinto Clutch / Pressure Plate ....so my query is what release bearing (if any) do I need to replace mine with? My new flywheel is obviously noticeably shallower than the 2.0 one it replaces, hence the need for the pinto clutch etc. In my mind that means the release bearing will be the same as both pressure plates will end up a similar distance from the release bearing.. but I'd be grateful if someone can confirm my thoughts
  11. NB. I am not a trader, this is not my job or full-time means of income. I'm just trying to find un-loved tyres new homes. I am able to supply Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 Tyres in 195/50/15 size. The tyres are control tyres, used in a UK race Championship. As such, they have to be changed after every race. The races are between 15-20 laps long and the cars weigh c. 650-700kg so the wear and damage to the tyres is very minimal. (On those tyres used in a wet race it is not uncommon to still see the new 'bobbles' on the edges of the tyre) Tyres are supplied with tread ranging from between 5mm to 8mm (usually more than less) and all sets will be as matched as possible. Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 Spec: Michelin's Pilot Exalto PE2 is an entry level ultra high Performance summer tyre designed to raise both the status and performance of small sporty cars that use low profile-sized tyres. Inspired by Michelin's World Rally Championship (WRC) tyre design and architecture the tyre has been developed to provide crisp and responsive handling in both wet and dry conditions combined with superb steering response. Features Superb steering response. Outstanding street performance in wet and dry conditions. The design and architecture of the tyre has been developed to provide crisp and responsive handling. The RRP of this tyre ranges from £70-95 and 'used/puncture repair' sets on Ebay go for around £100! I can supply a set of 4 tyres for £110 collected or £125 delivered to your door. Payment is by Bank Transfer or Paypal as a gift/+4%. You will not be disappointed with the quality/condition of the tyres or their performance once fitted to your vehicle. As you can see the majority of the markings on the tyres are minor scrubbing. The tyres do have fair amounts of 'pickup' from the track but this will obviously come off within the first 5-10miles of driving. As originally stated, this is not my job or trade; just a way of generating a bit of extra cash for my own car spends I realise I'm a new-poster but have been on Locostbuilders over a year and in that time I've sold over 60 tyres; there is a fairly hefty thread on that forum with loads of good feedback for myself and the tyres
  12. I finished off my wing stays last night, all painted and fitted and sikaflex'd on: I'd also ordered a sheet or carbon to try and have a go at making some pretty side wind deflectors, but ordered 2mm which is just waay too thick so I had to find something to use it for:
  13. Needed a filler to empty jerry cans in at trackdays so constructed this using Ikea parts Then I needed some new wing stays making so went to Steve Bell for help I'm just on with painting them at the moment, will post some updated photos when it's finished. Steves, nearly completed car; Oh, I also had a race with a C63 AMG the other night, on a roll from 20-120mph. There was nothing in it...the cars couldn't have been more perfectly matched. On noseying at the specs the base AMG has 457bhp so has a power to weight of approx 264bhp per ton; assuming our cars had a similiar power to weight that means, based on the Mercs figures that my car weighs around 650kg. Time to get it on the weighing scales I think
  14. I've done a few bits since the last update - Fitted high level brake lights I have fitted two but forgot to take a picture of the completed article Upgraded the headlight bulbs to LED ones (they are actually more white than blue) I bought a new aeroscreen at Stoneleigh from Aerodynamx Old one: Removed New one offered up in place New one fitted From behind
  15. Olly was kind enough to give me his old rear diffuser, so last weekend I set about fitting it. Off the car Offered up with wood for the fit Moved off the trailer to make fitting easier! Flat floor, hole chopped for diff room and finished Probably won't make much difference to the 'aero' but should reduce and parachuting that I may have had at the rear. I just love the way it looks now anyway
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