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  1. preeday

    Oil Filler Cap Pinto

    The pipe from my crank case breather goes to the inlet manifold, is this correct?
  2. preeday

    Oil Filler Cap Pinto

    I’ve looked at catch cans, most have 2 outlets (or inlets), 1 goes to the filler cap but where does the other go?
  3. preeday

    Oil Filler Cap Pinto

    Reason I need a new one is cause I’ve lost my old one (don’t ask how)! A friend has an alloy one like this I can have -http://www.burtonpower.com/alloy-oil-filler-cap-breather-outlet-fp641.html My old one was just a mushroom one, if I put the alloy one on what should I do with the outlet? Could I run a length of pipe & put a filter on the end?
  4. I need a new oil filler cap, Would I benefit from putting an oil filler cap with the outlet on? & what do I do with the outlet? 2.0 pinto. Cheers
  5. preeday

    O M G !

    What have u replaced it with?
  6. preeday

    Rear Difuser

    Carbon fibre. Do u have a pic of what u've made? I'm interested in something for the rear too!
  7. preeday

    Poor Running - Is It Coil/ht Leads?

    I had an issue just like this & it was the fuel pipe from tank to pump, it was collapsing under vacuum pressure due to its age & wear. It would run for a few seconds then stall. It was just luck I put my hand on the pipe & it was flat!! Changed it & it was cured!! Worth a look!
  8. preeday

    Pinto Advice Please

    Camshaft was new about 500m ago! Why disconnect one of the leads, to stop it firing?
  9. preeday

    Pinto Advice Please

    Advice please? My 2.0 pinto has not been started for 6 months, should I do anything on startup? I've heard a rumour you should hold the revs for a minute after oil pressure light goes off but not sure at what RPM? Any advice appreciated!
  10. preeday

    Fuel Filter Clogging

    Check ur fuel pipes to the filter from the tank. Over time they corrode & collapse. Mine did & I had the same issue!
  11. preeday

    Pinto Low Level Oil Filler Cap

    I mean one of these - http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=281677584899
  12. Hi all, have any of u got a pinto low level oil filler cap you'd like to part with as I am in need of one? Many thanks Phil
  13. I have a used one of these if anyone is interested pm me? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=311115430528
  14. preeday

    Pretty Quiet On Here Tonight

    I'm off too.
  15. preeday

    Megajolt 2.0 Pinto

    Great stuff, I've got everything I need but would like to look at a diagram, looked on that forum but can't find it!!