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  1. Alan Dawson

    Robin Hood Paint Match

    My red Exmo was painted Ford Radiant red and was a good match.
  2. Alan Dawson

    The North East Adhoc Extra Meeting

    Hi Allan, I won't be able to make this months meeting, hope you get a good turnout, and yes if you are having a xmas meal you can put my name down but can we please have better weather than last year.
  3. Alan Dawson

    North East Area Meeting Wed 31St Oct ., From 7-30Pm

    No change there then
  4. Time for our monthly meeting at Church Mouse ,Waldridge, Chester-le-Street. DH2 3RJ A cold night forecast but the pub should have its log fires burning so warm welcome to look forward to. Hope to see you all there.
  5. Alan Dawson


    A 2b roof fitted my Exmo and my Exmo one fits my 3a , follow that if you can. The big BUT is the position and rake angle of the screen.
  6. Alan Dawson

    Pictures Of Front End

    Robin Hood did produce some kits to convert the S7 monocoque to double wishbone suspension and several were sold to Rhocar members through the forum. These kits involved cutting off the original suspension and fitting the space frame to the monocoque. I was talking to the person who had designed the frame and he told me he still has some frames in his garage. If anyone is interested I have his phone number if you send me a PM I will pass the number on.
  7. Its that time of the month again for our monthly meeting at the Church Mouse ,Waldridge, Chester-le-Street. DH2 3RJ. All welcome, (if there is anyone not on holiday or cruising) see you all there.
  8. Alan Dawson

    2 Litre Pinto Camshaft

    I have a known good standard 2ltr. cam with spray bar that you can have, I am not that far from you i am sure we could meet up somewhere.
  9. Alan Dawson

    1St 2019 Scottish Meet

    Hi Dave, as acting Area organizer for the North East branch and Chairman of the North East Kit and Classic Car Club, I would like to support you in your efforts to organise a Meeting at Duns. We have been up to Duns twice in the last 18 months once for the Museum and the other for the Jim Clark Memorial w/e. Once you get a date organised I will try to get a group of cars from the two clubs to have a run up to meet up with you. I have been following your build and am looking forward to seeing the finished car when we come up. Alan
  10. Its that time of the month again for our monthly meeting at the Church Mouse ,Waldridge, Chester-le-Street. DH2 3RJ. All welcome, good weather forecast, see you all there.
  11. Alan Dawson

    North East Area Meeting Wed. 25Tn July

    I have just had another go and I can,t even get copy and paste to work
  12. Alan Dawson

    North East Area Meeting Wed. 25Tn July

    I had great trouble getting the picture up for some reason, I have posted many pictures in the past but after a re-install of Windows 10 the methods I used don't work anymore,
  13. Alan Dawson

    Zetec Rattle

    Some AC/DC and a set of headphones is the solution.
  14. Alan Dawson

    Mud Flaps

    As you can see from my profile picture I use mud-guards made from a set of Sainsburys flexible chopping boards, I now have red green and white ones!!!!!. they make a big difference to the amount of spray coming up to your right elbow.
  15. Alan Dawson

    North East Area Meeting Wed. 25Tn July

    # Tyre kicking at the Church Mouse https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iVKF_LVzGK4BHMvc8Wbu_QMu6NiF3XFd