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    I have just bought the Zero and have a large learning curve, but it is serious fun to drive

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  1. is the wales run being organised this year or have I missed it
  2. You can use the Escort Mk 2, this is a better stalk as it also has the horn switch built in, by a small mod you can then have the horn button next to the steering wheel, I picked one up for a few quid last year
  3. just seen a Robin hood on E Bay part finished, it says bought new in 2012, I thought only Zero's were being sold then.
  4. Roy P

    Bargain Lights!

    check their web site, I took the last two from Reditch and they are now showing 3 in stock, it appears that there are still quite a lot about, some store even has nine, you may have to drive a bit further to find some but well worth it, well made, easy to fit and very bright.
  5. Roy P

    Bargain Lights!

    just done a click and collect 14 miles from me, worth it to buy two for under a tenner
  6. if you use the escort mk2 indicator stalk it has the horn button included and fits in place of the sierra stalk
  7. Can any one tell me where I can get a spark plug cover for the Zetec Black Top with the plastic cam covers, no one appears to seel them, I have contacted several sellers with no luck.
  8. Roy P

    Coolant Overflowing

    All coolant problems now sorted, thanks, new correct cap on order, can someone give me a clue as to how much anti freeze I need for a Zetec with a standard GBS radiator, Thanks
  9. Instead of the Sierra indicator stalk I now run a Fiesta mk2 stalk that has the horn button included, with a little modifying it works perfect.
  10. Roy P

    Coolant Overflowing

    To all who made suggestions, many thanks, I had a good look at the top of the water rail and the aluminum casting was not flat, I have gently filed it flatter and then made a thin plastic gasket to fit in the cap to seal against the top of the water rail housing. My theory is that when the engine gets a bit hotter than normal, i.e. when reversing into my drive, the cap blows and the water takes the line of least resistance, that is instead of going down into the overflow tank it blows out the top of the casting under the radiator cap. Should the cap have two seals, one on the end of the spring at the bottom of the housing and one just under the cap, it seems logical to me unless i am missing something. Several of you have said I should have two seals but where do you get a cap like that from Will road test as soon as I can. Roy
  11. Roy P

    Coolant Overflowing

    Thanks gents, you have given me a lot to check
  12. I have a 12 plate Zero with a crated black top zetec and a raceline water rail. When I returned from a 15 mile medium speed run yesterday there was a lot of water on the road where I backed into my drive. The water appears to be coming from under the radiator cap on the front of the water rail. I would like any opinions on why this is happening and why any excess water does not go down the overflow pipe. Also what is the canister that the overflow pipe goes in to for, the canister is approximately 40 mm dia and 250 mm tall and exits to atmosphere, surly it is too small to be an expansion chamber. Another question, there appears to be a sensor just below the radiator cap, but if this is the temperature sensor how can that work correctly when my water level is always below that sensor? .
  13. I have fitted an Emerald 3 way switch and GBS have mapped one position for emissions, passed MOT (just) last month
  14. Has anyone fitted a passenger foot rest, my wife keeps sliding down the car, if you fit one what happens if your next passenger is a different height?
  15. Has any one fitted a cover over the plug tops on a 2ltr Zetec Black top, any problems, and where is the best place to buy one
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