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    Now need 4 wheels so as not to fall over
  1. old AL

    7 Replica

    http://s1372.photobucket.com/user/alvin692/library/ Don't know if this link will work or not, but here goes, Need to sell my 7 lack of garage space force's reluctant sale, I've owned in the past a Cobra rep, a Tigercat, and two 2bs, but this present one is the best by far. Built by the one previous owner in 2008 (SVAd) with the intention of larger cockpit than usual, 2 litre E.F.I. Pinto, hydraulic clutch, 5 speed gearbox. Also with the car, a full set (5) of refurbished Magnesium Minilites extra to the (5) 7 spoke R.S alloys fitted to the car. I've had it on Ebay at £3750 (no takers) if anyone in the club is interested I'll reduce it by a further £500 to £3250 If the link don't work for the pics I can supply pics via my email alvin@howsen.plus.com
  2. old AL

    Silloth Vintage Show

    Not as far as I know, it isn't a place I visit frequently,( about 16 miles from me) I do remember in the local press a while ago there had been some funds from somewhere, which were used to improve the green and surrounding area, what the improvements were I'm not sure. If there is anything being done with a narrow guage railway I'll let you know after Sunday
  3. old AL

    Silloth Vintage Show

    O.K. Mark look forward to seeing you, be good to make an appearance, it might "drum up" some interest for some budding new blood, as 7 reps are few and far between in these parts they tend to be a bit of a novelty
  4. Wondered if any of the North England or South Scotland lads might be going to Silloth show next Sunday 22nd (I think its on Saturday also) really nice venue, massive town green (must be one of the biggest in the country) mowed like a lawn !!!!! Its a beautiful setting with the main street on one side and the Solway Firth on the other. I've been in previous years, never pre-booked, just turned up, never been turned away. All the usual stuff, car's, m/bikes, steam engines, fun fair etc. I intend going, (on Sunday) weather dependant, I've no hood, and I am too old for getting soaked thank you !!!!! (my old, nearly 70 year old joints are bad enough now)
  5. old AL

    2B Surrey Hood

    No lack of training I assure you, 20 years experience in a shoe factory sewing leather shoes all day ???, I think the difference being "the material" I used heavy duty vinyl, not cotton type tent material
  6. old AL

    2B Surrey Hood

    Wife has recently made a cover for my boot (rear tub) area, it cost me £12 for material and £18 for turnbuckles (preferred these to press studs, stronger of course) I got all the materials from Ebay. With my car being a one off, the tub area is much bigger than normal (get two full size suitcases in it) so rather than box it in thought it more useful with a removable cover. The tricky part of making the cover was getting the circles (4) cut out in the correct place for the roll bar, so I would think a Surrey top would be less difficult to make. If you are going to try with a normal standard sewing machine you are likely to have the same difficulties as my wife had. The heavy duty material breaks needles on the machine on a regular basis, the air was quite "blue" as my wife lost patience time and time again (this was when hemming (double thickness) the edge's of the material) She eventually resorted to oiling the needle when on "double thickness" I would like a Surrey top myself, but dare not mention another "little job" for the car to my wife after this, she would probably hit me with something heavy enough to do permanent damage :diablo:
  7. Good news Mark, nice to hear of more growth, my mate you mention has put me to shame, his goes for M.O.T Monday (today) (it was S.V.A'd years ago) I've finally got the dash/glovebox finished, I've talked the wife into making a canvas cover for the boot/tub area (after being let down for months by a professional car trimmer) (she's handy with a sewing machine). Mines already M.O.T.d so I'll be taxing it Tuesday, I'm working on another mate to get himself a Hoodie, (like me too old for bikes now!!) Be nice to meet up with the Northeast lads at Hartside sometime over the summer, or the Lanc's lads somewhere South of us, really looking forward to the summer this year (if we get any up here!!!!!)
  8. old AL


    They didn't even ask that question about builder ????????? ( I didn't build it myself, does that make me a bigger risk, or lesser risk ???)
  9. old AL


    One final comment by me on this thread, as I'm now boring myself on this subject, let alone others. Due to my past babblings on the method of Insurance brokers to arrive at a quote, out of pure curiosity and Utuber's comment (above) I asked Cherished Vehicles for a quote earlier today....(69 year old, RHOC member, Advanced Driver certificate holder,.... 1000 miles, owner only driver, comprehensive value £4000, I can't see there being any loading due to post code (sheep theft only up here, not cars !!!!)..........cost £121, is it my age, or perhaps I smell badly !!!!!
  10. old AL


    The saga continues, had a message left on the answer machine last night," Hello, Frank Pickles insurance here, we've managed to be able to find a cheaper quote than we gave you earlier, we can do it for £106, (£37 less than they quoted earlier in the day) please ring if we can help" I give up trying to understand their methods of arriving at a quotation
  11. old AL


    Understanding insurance brokers is certainly beyond me. I recently received a renewal notice for my previous 2b from Aidrian Flux, I say previous 2b because I sold it last year, I didn't cancel the policy for reasons in my previous comment (above Simons). The renewal was £123 for a 69 year old with milage limitation to 1500 miles, I rang them and said I wouldn't be renewing as I was selling the car, they asked if I had chosen another car as they could give me a really good quote as an exsisting customer. My latest car is a one off, but basicly the same as Hoodie, same 2itre pinto (but E.F.I.) roughly same value, same address, same milage restrictions, but this time being a member of RHOCAR, I was expecting more discount, the quote £155 ????? an increase of £32 in a matter of hours from receiving my initial renewal notice. ( they gave me the impression the model of the car was being treated as a RH, so no difference there!! ) I tried Graham Sykes, went through all the questions and answer's, the operator then told me with the car being "one off" they would need photographs of it before giving a quote. I rang Pickles £143, then eventually A plan, what a difference, polite, very helpful, no problem.... £110.... With half the accident excess and half windscreen excess of Aidrian Flux !!!!!!!!
  12. old AL

    Winter Mag.

    Received mine this morning, being a fairly new member never met Mark, but sounds like he was one in a million, and the World a poorer place with his passing
  13. old AL

    Front Hubs

    Apologies guys, thinking in hindsight I should have thought about the above comment before writing it, should have been on "For Sale" not here !!!!!
  14. old AL

    Front Hubs

    I have Granada hubs on mine, if you go that way I'll sell you a full set (5) renovated Magnesium 14 inch, 6J, 5 stud Minilite wheels £295 (going on Ebay before long, when I get around to it!!!
  15. There is one here on "For Sale" forum Bryan, don't know if its the correct carb or not ??
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