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  1. Looks nice Matt. It's a lot cleaner than mine.i prefer the cycle wings,I've just got some but need to sort brackets.
  2. As in the title I'm after an old copy of which kit ? Magazine ( March 1992 ) which has a section about the Robin Hood S6 model. Does anyone no where you can get old issues, I've tried ebay but no luck as yet Thanks Scott
  3. I'm interested in the gearbox whereabouts are you ????
  4. Scotty

    2Ltr Pinto

    I'm interested but miles away,might be able to get up to meet not sure at the mo :-)
  5. Hi,I've been offered a 5 speed box for my Robin Hood.the box Is from a sierra 1.8,(cvh) will this marry up to my pinto engine if not can I change the bell housing on my 4 speed ???? Or would I need a pinto type 5 speed bell housing ???? Thanks Scott
  6. Hi, I'm having difficulty selecting first gear.there seems to be no gate between 1st and reverse,is this a problem with the stick or the box ????
  7. Scotty

    2Ltr Pinto

    What meet are you on about in September (where) ?????? Scott
  8. Will take alook thanks for all your advise guys ;-)
  9. Are there any numbers stamped on the block which tell you what type it is,or what it's come out of ????
  10. I'm looking to change my 1.6 pinto to a 2.0 pinto over the winter months and add a 5 speed box.I've been told there are different types of this engine, a friend told me to get a 205 what ever that means ????. Someone else told me the 2 litre injection engine was the one to go for.is there any difference or are they all the same???? thanks Scott :-)
  11. I've just measured the clearance in the bay,I'm not sure how long the complete setup is ( manifold carbs trumpets filters ) etc etc
  12. Will a set of twin 40 dcoe carbs on a 3.5 inch manifold fit the engine bay of a RH s6 or would I need a 1.25 inch manifold ????? Thanks scott
  13. Sorted thanks lads ( didn't realise left hand thread )thanks :-)
  14. I'm trying to fit a new water pump to my s6.it has a cortina 1.6L cortina pinto engine which I'm struggling to separate the fan from the pump I've removed the 4 bolts from the pulley but can't separate it for some reason any advise pls thanks Scott
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