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  1. where are you located may help if you are local to someone that could pop over
  2. done a cluster scan and the code for the pats system shows 55C anyone know what this is. also got these dtc codes from the dash E511 9681 d900 A141 9359 9318 9202
  3. The cut off switch is ok but cannot find fuse the can bus supply is low on volts so something pulling it down
  4. Think the immobiliser flashes if there is an error .well it did when I'd disconnected the transceiver on the ignition barrell
  5. Would be most grateful if you could ask about his fault . As I have the red light on next to temp gauge and is immobiliser light near gearstick is steady on. Have seen a picture on net which refers to a canbus failure but not heard or seen anything about a 15 amp fuse
  6. hi i have a 2004 2.0d xtype that run fine up until i left it for a week whilst on holiday. the battery is not very old and has had a full charge and i even tried jumping/towing off so not starter issue the dash lights up but the temp light stays on even though it is cold and have seen on net that it may be a can bus fault?? the car does not turn over and i have been round and checked /cleaned all grounding points had a hand held code reader but not showing any faults,but am awaiting a canbus scanner. any ideas guys as the car is blocking my garage so cannot use the 2b
  7. have sent an email to see if they can help thanks in the meantime please try if anyone has the software.
  8. hi am after a code for a radio just bought off ebay but they havent supplied the code the serial number is AUZ2Z2D1023880. thanks craig
  9. rover 100 tre fit the sliding pillar mine is a 99 model
  10. ah i see. don't suppose you have a drawing for pusrod and wedge size by any chance. Craig
  11. hi just aquired a ka servo and was wondering how people have adapted to fit sierra pedal box and split the brake pipes as the ka has only two outlets.
  12. craig030774

    No Vac Dizzy

    have you got any photos of the box and did you put non return valves in. what size is the holes on your akeoffs cheers craig
  13. hi got the above boiler that has got a fault with either the aps or fan. if i take the pipe off the aps i can blow into it and get boiler to light then if i reconnect the pipe it will stay on. i have borrowed a manometer from work and the suction side of aps is 1.5 mb and plus side is 0.1 mb. the flue gas test point at top of boiler is 0.7 mb new fan is about £70 and aps is £20 so hope it is aps ( am moving within the next couple of weeks so need to get it done with minimal expense) cheers craig
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