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  1. Thanks for the advice chaps. I have been told to change m pipework a little moving the Bottom of expansion tank to top of water pump Top expansion tank to the inlet manifold??
  2. The hose that comes from the bottom of the expansion tank
  3. Got the vents, my query is the pipe work. My thoughts ere that the bottom expansion hose should link into the bottom rad to water pump hose Top water pump hose to inlet manifold top rad to thermostat?? Hope you can get yours sorted
  4. Hi All, Wondering if you can help. My 1600 Pinto gets a touch hot when left idling. I didn't do the build so as brought but at the moment this is what I have no heater. Expansion top capped Bottom expansion to inlet manifold top rad to thermostat Bottom rad to bottom water pump top water pump capped Any ideas
  5. Hi will be at the show so will take a look. Interested in the blue one but will need to measure. Thanks ash
  6. excellent thank you. I also live in Cambridge so not far away! Let me know Cheer ash
  7. Hi do you still have this?
  8. Hi can you send some pics me and the father in law are looking for a project. Thanks ash
  9. Looking forward to stoneleigh

  10. Sounds good I will keep checking and as long as not away with work, I will be up for this.Cheers Ash
  11. For sale Suzuki Bandit 600 t reg T&T till 04-2014 with new renthal bars, grips, flame mirrors, chrome signature in fill plates, chrome rad cover, brake/clutch levers and new delcovic exhaust sound awesome. Rides superb and in very good condition a part from small ding on left side of tank. Meta immobiliser NEARLY NEW TYRES £1500 WOULD CONSIDER SWAP OR PART EX FOR AN UNFINISHED ROBIN HOOD OF ANY TYPE CASH EITHER WAY? CAN DELIVER AND COLLECT CAR! wILL EMAIL PICS IF INTERESTED
  12. Hi do you still have ??If you do would you consider a swap for a Suzuki bandit 600 T&T till 04-2014 16700 miles t reg with renthal bars sports exhaust and loads of other little extras? Many Thanks Ash. I could deliver bike and collect car.
  13. Hi Sorry my number is 07730304025 if you are interested. Cheers ash
  14. Hi consider a swap for t reg Suzuki bandit 600 T&T til 04-2014 16700miles good condition. Got renthal bars new tyres loads of little extra add ons, sounds and rides fantastic. Call me on 01480831681. Cheers ash
  15. Hi would you consider a swap or PX for a Suzuki bandit 600 with new sports exhaust renthal bars and other extras T&T 04-2014 16700 miles T reg with some cash??I can email pics if you pass on address,Regards Ash
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