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  1. Hi do you still have the high pressure fuel pump for sale
  2. djenh

    Garage/ Storage

    Cheers mark sounds I deal if he knows anyone
  3. djenh

    Garage/ Storage

    As shorter distance as possible really but Minot in a position to be fussy so all offers are very welcome
  4. djenh

    Garage/ Storage

    Hi all after a couple of months of searching for somewhere new to keep my 2b finally found somewhere only for the landlord to give back notice he's selling the unit. Please please can anyone help I live in holmfirth but will travel.i have to find a new home by Saturday 16th nov, if I carnt find anywhere.ill have to sell my much loved 2b
  5. djenh

    Help Please

    Hi how did you go with storage space
  6. djenh

    Help Please

    Hi all I'm in urgent need of a garage or lock up or space in a garage or lock up where i can keep my 2 b over winter.i live in holmfirth near Huddersfield
  7. djenh

    Karting + Meet

    I'm up for that probably our lass as well
  8. djenh


    What super charger would be the easiest to fit also would I need to strengthen the bottom end
  9. djenh


    Is the duratec a better engine
  10. djenh


    Would I need to get my head ported to stage 3.also which bodies and ecu and cams would you recommend
  11. djenh


    Hi ive got a 2.0 ltr zetec black top in my 2b im wanting to tune it to 200bhp or over its currently got fzr 600 carbs with non standard jets and a magajolt ecu.what would you recommend?
  12. djenh

    Drive Out This Sunday

    Ya I seen the post for meet in preston im thinking about coming over.not sure though Ive read the best weather is on east coast
  13. Hi is anyone out and about this sunday im in Huddersfield but fancy a drive out any ideas
  14. Did you get your wet weather gear sorted. Im selling mine its brand new in box
  15. Im interested in the willwood calipers are they still for sale.i live in Huddersfield so can collect
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