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  1. count me in as its very local, if the car is sorted I will book in for the days fun....
  2. Leak in my tank so going to swap it out, current tank is 200mm high 200mm wide and 880mm long. Anyone got one?
  3. After this weekends great work, Mark B has offered to come down to my house and finish off our project on sunday the 1st. any other members who would like to come down, would be greatly appreciated! Tea coffee and bacon butties are on me.....
  4. From being escorted by Terry “Mr Sheen” down the M1 at high speed towards Donnington!!! Being helped by Alan who built my tent on arrival or escorted home by Stuart “ Wheely good builder!” & Simon “Disco Si” I have had my hands held by a club member all of the way, what a weekend, what a club and what a great group of people. Big thanks to the build team for all the help and working your socks off:- Nick “Shaft” everything engine and making me smile with your rigger boots and that cowboy hat, Terry for painting and making everything shinny, Steve for the help finding parts, Chris for
  5. Wow what an event we made it home, thanks for the best weekend ever WOW what a great bunch, I am absolutely shattered, in a gest way! I am sure you all are..... All I did was hunt for grommets and clean, thanks for everything from start to finish...... When is the next rally, I have a skyline engine I think would fit?
  6. Think we are all sorted, apart from a 12 inch electric fan for the rad! car load of stuff with Mark B last night, so we are good to go!!! meeting Terry at woodall services at 6.15-30 then we are heading down the m1 and meeting Mark B and others at Trowell services at 7pm, hope we can all see to put our tents up when we get to Donnington....
  7. Going to be fun my mrs keeps asking questions about items from eBay so changed it over to my mums address!!! For paypal lol what the boss don't see don't kill them, I ware the pants in my house however my mrs picks them and tells me when to take them off!!
  8. Sorted a load of paint, red engine paint mix of acid etc prime and to coat black gloss and satin, and 20m of black heat wrap for the exhaust
  9. Wheels are at the powder coater (gloss black) front grille and lamps being done in mat black, spill kits gloves Safty specs wipes and degreaser are with me, front grille lotus 7 badges (as on eBay) with Rhocar cut into them are being run tomorrow I will have as menu as I can blag.........
  10. Yep I will bring as much as I can over on Thursday night, would be great to meet up before Friday anyway, I'm over at jct tomorrow around 6!! are you about? i could call in I am just up the road, please pm or text me your address
  11. Do these engines take a fuel pressure regulator as I have an un used one from a c20xe build I did
  12. Anyone able to available to help get this stuff to donnington on Friday going to have all sorts to shift
  13. Oil spray bar, high pressure oil pump and shaft ordered from eBay, I have mailed them for urgent shipment
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