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  1. Oscarborder

    Help In Derby Wanted

    Hi, the Delonghi Coffee maker is at DE1 3LQ if this helps any member to assist me Regards Gerry
  2. Oscarborder

    Help In Derby Wanted

    I know it is not car related but I would like someone in Derby to collect a Delonghi coffee maker and allow me to send a parcel courier to their home/work to enable them to collect it for me. Edit by Mods: This gentleman is a Full Member of RHOCaR so please treat as such. Thank You.
  3. Oscarborder

    Front Mudguard Bracket

    Thanks Al, are you in tomorrow evening about 6?
  4. Oscarborder

    Front Mudguard Bracket

    The front mudguard bracket supplied with my part built 2B appears to be for the long cycle wing. Has any one got a pair of brackets I could copy or could someone make them for me, naturally at my expense.
  5. Oscarborder

    2B Front Suspension Assembly

    The front suspension on my 2B appears to be incorrectly assembled as the mudguard bracket is not there and I have noticed something that looks like filler foam at the bottom of the suspension. I have also found in a bag 2 steel tubing mounts, 6 nuts and bolts and a note from RH stating that these mounts should be fitted to the bottom of the chrome steel tube. Has any one got a detailed assembly of the suspension.
  6. Oscarborder

    Fuel Tank Breather

    Thank you to both Snapperpaul and Ian & Carol for their most useful information which I will use when I return to the build next week. Regards Gerry
  7. Oscarborder

    Fuel Tank Breather

    Just fitted a stainless steel tank and about to fit a breather pipe into it. Can the breather pipe be fitted so that it terminates 50 mm below the filler cap with a bend pointing back to the tank?
  8. Oscarborder

    Windscreen Rubber Specification

    Thank you for all your replies which will help me yet overcome another 2B nightmare.
  9. Can any one top advise me on the width and thickness for the windscreen rubber that fits into the Windscreen channel for the glass to sit in?
  10. Oscarborder

    Front Cycle Wings

    Thanks for your replies but I've sourced a pair locally
  11. Oscarborder

    Front Swept Style Cycle Wings In Brg

    Hope this photo helps
  12. Oscarborder

    Chrome K&m Or Similar Air Cleaner

    Yes please, how do I pay you? Regards Gerry
  13. Oscarborder

    Front Swept Style Cycle Wings In Brg

    Will take some pictures tomorrow
  14. Oscarborder

    Chrome K&m Or Similar Air Cleaner

    Chrome K&M or similar air cleaner wanted for Weber 2V 28/30 DFTH carb.
  15. Oscarborder

    Pinto Engine Angle

    Thank you for all your replies it has certainly reassured me.