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  1. No 149 , and a big thank you for my quality festool folding rule,( my grandkids have never seen anything like it)
  2. I'm in again 149. Who won the last prize?
  3. Why not use the splendid discount your Rhocar team have negotiated at euro car parts. ( You may save enough to pay a whole years membership. ) What's not to like .
  4. Hi cb750 the transformation is amazing, that looks to be a well pro job, is this a lucky find or are the services open to all?
  5. Cb750 your fuse box is an inspiration,(looks like you may have some panel experience judging by the number rings) great pic of head in footwell a position most have ended up in at some time.
  6. Wasn't sure if " Lucas Smoke" was still available .
  7. That supercharger is definitely going to need the attention of a Dremel, will you be ready for your Blyton session Terry?with regret I can't make it across on the 4th but good luck. Kevin
  8. I have for sale a (91manuf) 98 imported Mx5, 144450 mls sweet 1600cc engine no emission issues at last mot, however big fail on inner wings n sills, few advises steering dust covers. Comes with ageless reg plate, hardtop ( rear edge needs repair ) alloys. £300.00 pm me for more info or viewing.
  9. Hi st3v3nw, as much as I'd like to my job keeps me away all week so finding time even to get my car iva'd is taking a deal of weekends, however your skills, inginuity, and tenacity are quite inspirational, I will look forward to seeing the finished car, keep up the great work.
  10. Inspirational Terry, if you drove like u did at Blyton the grin would wear you out , it did me and I was only the passenger.
  11. Opened a can of worms there eh ! 5x7hrs for a no fail qualification , one wonders when some smart ars*d politician applies the same logic to B licence holders, more revenue than speed cameras.
  12. Tractor, ru hanging up the truckers gloves n standing down the rigger boots? I've only another 9 years of torment to endure! Now driver CPC that's a good government money making scheme if ever there was one!
  13. Cracking good thread St3v3 am watching with more than a passing interest, as my locost draws closer to Iva ready, keep up the good work.
  14. Thanks for the help, if I had access to a lathe I'd whip up a dozen from scratch, the conical ones just add that bit of pizzazz don't u think.
  15. Afternoon all, help! I've been waiting ages for Kit Spares to re-stock bonnet locating pins, they tell me their equipment is tied up making other parts. I need 4 to finish my bonnet install . Beer tokens available.
  16. Hi tazza the link to bonnet clips, those are not Iva compliant, you'll need oblong over centre clips with no sharp edges. Hth
  17. Hello Fletch, welcome , even though I'm a relatively new member myself , my locost has the battery located next to the fuel tank so I'm hoping that it's not a IVA issue, I have mine secured and all terminals fully insulated, also fitted in line isolator switch. Ps is that Elland between Brighouse n Halifax ?
  18. Thank you guys , my bonnet only aluminium so hopefully it won't break anyone's punch. Will have to do more research.
  19. Hi all, dose anyone have experience of getting their bonnet louvred ? Was trying to find a machine shop or similar up north ( Yorkshire-ish NSEorW) . Thanks.
  20. Top work Alan, very very well written and informative article , and inspirational personal story. A most generous offer at the end as well. Just goes to show how invasive this particular cancer is with so few symptoms, so I guess the mantra is get checked now and keep getting checked. Fingers crossed for your onward journey. Best regards Kevin P.
  21. I saved a years membership on oem wiper blades for swmbo's car, thank u RHOCar , what's not to like.
  22. James I've sent you a pm ref seats, all good at my end.
  23. Cheers James, got bumped a while back on a nice pair, so just as soon as on Friday will be out with the tape. My current prob is the retro style Corbeau seats ( fitted by previous builder) are way too tight at the sides to get any type of 3/4 seat belt past. Rgds Kevin .
  24. Hi James, I'm very interested in ur seats, however I'm away till Friday so unable to put the tape measure over my Lo cost for exact sizing. Will pm you then if all ok, regards Kevin
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