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  1. Hi guys having trouble getting my weather gear lined up have got advice from some people but none have worked can anyone help PLEASE
  2. I got one of them at autosport show a couple of year ago and have just got round to doing something with it when i cut and fitted it it just lay flat which i did'nt like so i have cut and modified mine a little should look ok i think when i have finished it and got it covered would up load pics if i new how but if you want can email them Barrie
  3. Hi Tim Barrie again if you get dvds they tell you how to roll the stainless onto the fiberglass arche and show you what to do as i said get in touch with Simon B
  4. Hi Tim my build is slow as i keep coming across things i dont like and sometimes think i wish i had bought one and started fresh as for build dvds if you ask Simon B who has put a reply on this page he will send you out dvds as long as you cover the postage i have watched the first two and already had one of my questions answered the drivers seat is only held in by 3 studs because of where the back axle mount is this is something i want to change on mine by repositioning the seat and putting a heavy gauge stainless plate under seat and on to floor. dont get me wrong the dvd are very basic and you do get a good laugh at them but as for a reference and putting you mind at rest i am glad ave got them nice to hear from you and please keep in touch with how your getting on Cheers Barrie
  5. Its a Robinhood on the V5 dont get me wrong when you look at the car it looks good but when you really get into it its a mess like the inside side panels where made from 6mm plywood I have now changed it to ally and fixed it to the frame and floor.
  6. Hi guys thanks for replying to me so quickly Iain the car has been on the road but when l bought it the car had been put away in a garage for about 2yrs i got it home to find it had been wired together with orange cable from what i can only say came from a black and decker lawn mower and chop blocks. At that stage i started to strip the car the car has went back together but i fell that there are bits missing. like on the floor where the seat bolts in. the way the seat is positioned there was only 3 bolts holding it in straight to the floor but on the under side of the car there dose'nt seem to be any supports its just the stainless steel floor. There are more things to but as i get to them i shall post them all input is welcome cheers guy Barrie
  7. Hi guys just new to site and looking for any one with a copy of the build video or dvds for a 2b bought the car from a guy got it home had to strip it and start over as it was in a state now ready to put it back together and could be doing with a copy of the video had got in contact with GBS thinking they would have a build manual told me the car came with videos not manual cheers Barrie
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