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  1. Johnboy27

    Propshaft Smashed Through The Tunnel

    Passenger side has only split at the bottom, but look how close it was to the splitting the fuel and brake pipes
  2. Johnboy27

    Propshaft Smashed Through The Tunnel

    Photo from drivers side, if you look closely you can see the seat is damaged
  3. Johnboy27

    Propshaft Smashed Through The Tunnel

    Thanks for all the replies, Thats very kind for the offer of the spare prop and for the offer of a spare car, thanks guys I will come back to you. Hopefully will get the grinder out at the weekend and hope its salvagable, I will also measure the prop. Trying to upload some photos
  4. Johnboy27

    Propshaft Smashed Through The Tunnel

    Thank you yes I think it will be safer in the long run to get one professionally made, Oh yes it did hurt my leg as the prop was obviously spinning until the cat came to a standstill, badly bruised leg but at least that will fix for free, unlike the car, I think the car will be ok, a lot of cutting and welding to do, while I’m on with it I will make a section of the top of the tunnel unboltable so the prop can be removed without taking the engine and box out. Thanks for the replies, will update when fixed and try upload some photos
  5. I have 1997 Robin Hood S7 with a monocoque chassis, 2.0 ltr pinto with a 4 speed gearbox, everything was fine until the other night while travelling at about 70mph the was a horrible vibration for 5 seconds then a Big Bang from the tunnel, the next thing I could feel the propshaft repeatedly whacking me leg after it had smashed my fibreglass seat, the front joint is a rubber doughnut type and it had fallen apart. As the tunnel is ripped and bent on both side and the top and the floor I have cut a hole to inspect, I have removed the prop and it has a 3 bolt flange on it to bolt the doughnut to, but the bit thats still in the gearbox just seems to have a few bits of rubber left and nowhere to fix a new doughnut to, Ive looked on eBay and the doughnuts seem to have 6 holes, (3 for each flange) My question is, were there different types of doughnuts on different years or is the difference between 4 speed or 5 speed. I think the engine and box were from a 1979 cortina but it has the Sierra rear suspension and diff, any advice would be appreciated, would I be better off getting a new prop made with proper u.js both ends ?
  6. Johnboy27

    Engine Ticking Between 1500-2500Rpm. Oil Grade Choice ?

    Thanks for the replies, yes I've checked the spray bar, I've cranked it over while the rocker cover was off and there is plenty of oil spraying onto the cam. I can't see any black exhaust soot around any of the manifold gaskets but obviously I can see all the way round each one. I will give it an oil n filter change anyway with 20w50 to give peace of mind. I suppose if it's a manifold leak it might have to develop a bit more before its visible. Thanks again
  7. I have an old 2.0 pinto engine in my kit car that was originally from a mk4 cortina. It was professionally rebuilt quite a few years ago but has only covered about 3500 miles. Last year the engine sounded really nice but this year it has a small rattling/ticking coming from the top end when the revs are just above tick over and then seems to quieten off around 2500rpm.It's like a noisey tappet sound. I changed the oil n filter over the winter and used 10w40 semi synthetic, I'm wondering if this is maybe a bit thin for an old fashioned engine, people keep saying about classic 20w50. I've just had the rocker box cover off and check the valve clearances, a couple needed a tiny bit of adjustment but not made any difference. The camshaft also looks like new. What oils are recommended for pinto? Thanks