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  1. Wishbones 3.0 sounds fun.. I was planning on eventually putting an SR20DET in and going wild..
  2. Time to admit defeat.. I had the best intentions but with work and racing I haven't had time to even look in the garage recently so.. Up for sale is my 2B kit car.. I bought it running and driving ish (It moved but you'd be mad to try and drive it) It was advertised as "needing finishing" but it was a bloody death trap.. everything was hand tight or not even bolted up and it wasn't pretty so its now back to a bare chassis ready to be built properly.. As I said.. It did start.. It did drive.. Everything other than an interior seems to be there.. It has: chassis 2.0 injection pinto engine (sounded lovely when running) gearbox diff, prop all wishbones suspension etc fuel tank (original sierra I think, Id personally dump that) Alloys with tyres Bodywork (some work needed its gone a little rusty) I was going to have it painted up throw it together and use as a practice track car for the other half but I've got two race cars in my work car park that need to go in a garage so it got to go.. Located in Doncaster £600 takes the lot.. I'll try and get some pics this weekend Wphydraulics@hotmail.co.uk if you have any questions.
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