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  1. Do you have any pictures of the mono wheel and iva cover?
  2. Magh that's amazing thanks mate!
  3. Sorry Dan must have gotten confused when i asked you for a copy of the locations sheet.
  4. Hi yes its the zero loom, i bought it from DanE who i believe originally purchased it from yourself.
  5. In my desperate rush to mount the fusebox to my firewall i had to remove some of the wiring. whilst i thought I was being clever marking them all up I unfortunately used a pencil which has subsequently rubbed off. Could someone provide a picture of the rear of the fusebox to save me having to trace all the wires? Cheers, Ryan
  6. I can vouch for the drawings on Colin Usher's website. I had interior panels laser cut by a supplier in work and they fit really well.
  7. Hi guys the part I need is in the picture above. Thanks Ryan
  8. Ah dude that's amazing! I'll get a picture of it first thing and send it off to you. Thanks!
  9. Hi does anyone have a choke housing to suit a weber 32 36 carburettor? Mine was damaged when posted.
  10. Sold pending payment. Thanks for the interest
  11. Hope this works guys. May also be able to acquire a few more but these are likely to be without senders and brackets bulbs etc
  12. Ashman86

    Shark Gauges

    I have amassed quite a few shark gauges during my time building the kit car. Set of 5 gauges oil pressure, water temp, volts and fuel. Speedometer is mechanical type. They come with the corresponding senders but I seem to have lost one of the mounting brackets. Ideally I'd like to get 100ono plus postage or would swap for parts for the 2B. Photobucket is being a pain but I can provide pictures on request.
  13. Just seen the video on Facebook. Sounds amazing excellent job sir!
  14. Wow, so I haven't updated this since June 2014. I can report not much has been achieved since then. Its been a hectic past year what with damaging a tendon in my finger while riveting, the baby being born and my general disinterest in the kit, I'm pleased to say i have now reaffirmed my love for the old girl and work has commenced. Managed to get my hands on a new manifold, looks much neater and more in keeping with the look I'm after than the old 2 pipe thing that came with the kit Excuse the mess in the garage it has been cleaned since then. Just after christmas i finally
  15. Having won a complete windscreen on ebay last night i have my factory supplied glass for sale, ideal for someone as a replacement. £20 I also have the brackets and upper surround which I wont be using glass is located in Edwardsville South Wales
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