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  1. i have a catch tank and have had a problem lately with oil being blow out of filler cap.........should the filler cap be a blocked seal with no venting for the catch to work?
  2. ok checked for blockages and all seemed ok. car restarted are cleaning off oil and evenutually ran sweet. toook he out again today all going well the cylinders started to shut down. ended up needing a tow home. horribe feeling i need to do another compression test. so my question now is......... anyone any idea of rebuild costs?
  3. just carried this repair out. i used a range rover fuel tank rubber seal. i also put copious amount of maylamar sealant as well hope it holds!
  4. water down a little yes its a pinto with twin webbers. i know this may seem dafy but where is the breather?
  5. took the car for a longer run 60 miles or so today, after pushing the engine a couple of times 5.5k revs the was a couple of little misfires but at the next lights i could see burning oil off the exhausts. temp seemed ok and fans not on. the on another hard blast all ok until back to gentle drive when i started misfiring amd the engine cutting out. temp shot up so slowed down and car returned to normal. back in garage it appears oil is blowing out of the filler cap. it doesnt look like gasket gone and now the car is behaving again other than a weep from the filler. this is beyound me....where do i start chaps?
  6. took te tank out today and having a plate made to rebolt too. thanks for advice. unfortunately the car developped another problem today on a longer run using up the full tank before removing with oil blowing and a temp misfite. will create a new post under engine.
  7. gave the car a shake down today and pushed it hard only to discover a nasty leak when cornering from fuel tank. have identified source as the sender seal, i removed to find of the 4 bolts welded to the tank, 2 had been over tightened and riped a hole in the tank. so i guess my optiins are, 1 removed tank, reseal with tank repair, drill 4 holes and place new bolts through the neck of tank hole? 2. buy a different tank? unless any one has any better ideas?
  8. cheers richard will give it a go
  9. Ok next job on the tlc program is the speedo. Its an caiguage (old style) when ignition is on it displys a mileage of 345 and the needle flicks briefly. the backing light is on but nothing happens to needle at movement. it appears i have two wires coming of what looks like a sender unit mounted near gearstick housing. only one is connected and both are black! do these need to connect to speedo if so where? is there a way to test the speedo before replacing sender?
  10. I guess once the column is seperated it may be done from engine bay? if not i will have a small child on standby to crawl into the footwell ;
  11. thanks for all your help guys. car up and running today with £500 worth of carb refurbishment and rolling road tuning at interpro thronbury bristol. gearbox im getting used to next job brakes refurb. thanks again
  12. is this the one down in the footwell? mine is currently rubber and has a habit of popping out. how easy was it the replace if so?
  13. saddle replaced and a little better thanks. read somewhere there is a conversion to shorten the gearstick travel. has anyone tried this?
  14. great will give it a go. have order, am i right inthinking i just need to remove the gator, undo the three bolts to get access?
  15. chaps' having some issues getting to know the car. the gears seem very close together particularly 1st and reverse. also feels very lose [may be me as other car has T5]. Are they supposed to be like this? read a few posts about the saddle? is this easy to access? any suggestions to check? mark
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